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Inglés americano: /rɔr/
Inglés británico: /rɔː/

Traducción de roar en español:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (make sound)
    to roar with laughter
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The beast roars up at you and grabs your neck, dragging you into the swamp with it.
    • The format quickly posed an annoyance - did I really need to endure the MGM lion roaring at the start of every single featurette?
    • He plays the part of the lion that roars onstage in Act 5.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • To the right was the interior to the library where a fire was roaring in the fireplace and a bunch of actors were hanging around preparing for their next shoot.
    • The scientist says that when the 2000 fire roared through, the ungrazed pastures fared the worst.
    • As you feel the plane angle back as it approaches the deck you hear the engine roar while the pilot basically floors it.
  • 2 (move) the planes roar overhead every two minutes
    cada dos minutos se oye el estruendo de los aviones que pasan
    the trucks roared past
    los camiones pasaron con un estruendo
    he roared away or off on his motorbike
    se alejó en la moto haciendo un ruido infernal

transitive verb

  • the sergeant roared the order
    el sargento dio la orden a gritos
    how dare you! he roared
    —¡cómo se atreve! —rugió or bramó
    the fans roared their appreciation
    los hinchas manifestaron su aprobación a voz en cuello


countable and uncountable
  • (of lion, tiger)
    (of traffic, engine, guns) estruendo (masculine)
    the roar of the crowd a roar of laughter
    una sonora carcajada
    a roar of pain
    un rugido or bramido de dolor
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In a close-up, one of the beasts lets out a mighty roar, and we see a baby sleeping peacefully inside its mouth.
    • There's an odd melody that I remember not liking from when I saw the film, and it doesn't really work that well, although it's not too bad when it's mixed with dinosaur roars.
    • As we leave, echoes of the roar of the king of beasts lingers in the still air over proud and deserted ruins of Hampi.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Still for the most part, the Dolby Digital Stereo sonics capture the roar of the crowd and the curtness of the commentary very well.
    • I miss live performance, the smell of the bean sprouts, the roar of the crowd.
    • They departed the stage just ahead of Macca and Bono's entrance and an almighty roar from the crowd.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • This is an incredibly well-managed track that lets you feel the rumble and roar of the tanker every time it bears down on or overtakes the struggling Plymouth.
    • Two scenes in particular stand out for their use of offscreen space; the first, a shot of a nondescript intersection, which seems unremarkable until the roar of an unseen plane flying very close overhead is deafening.
    • The prolonged moments of near silence in the film produce the aesthetic effect of outlasting the remembered roar of government tanks.
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