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rush 1

Inglés americano: /rəʃ/
Inglés británico: /rʌʃ/


  • 1 (haste) (no plural) in all the rush, I forgot my umbrella
    con la prisa or (Latin America) con el apuro, se me olvidó el paraguas
    what's (all) the rush?
    ¿que prisa hay?
    ¿qué apuro hay? (Latin America)
    I'm in a real rush
    tengo mucha prisa
    ando or estoy muy apurado (Latin America)
    to do something in a rush
    hacer algo deprisa y corriendo or a la(s) carrera(s) or a todo correr
    we had a terrible rush to get here on time
    corrimos como locos para llegar a tiempo
    everything happened in a rush
    todo pasó de repente
    is there any rush for the report?
    ¿corre prisa el informe?
    ¿hay apuro por el informe? (Latin America)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He also hopes the project will raise standards so that aesthetic appreciation wins out over the rush for quick money.
    • The darkness and heat descend upon you like a heavy black cloak and the mosquitoes suddenly make a rush for any exposed bits of skin.
    • Then, there is the mad rush for ‘complimentary passes’ all over.
  • 2 (movement) a rush of air
    una ráfaga de aire
    a rush of water
    un torrente de agua
    there was a rush for the exit
    todo el mundo se precipitó hacia la salida
    the weekend rush for the coast
    la desbandada general hacia la playa del fin de semana
    several people were hurt in the rush
    varias personas resultaron heridas en el tumulto
  • 3 (Sport)
    (in US football) carga (feminine)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He is not particularly fast or overpowering, but he has great instincts and never loses sight of the quarterback during the rush.
    • Coaches often have him provide a controlled rush to contain mobile quarterbacks.
    • If he can keep his attitude up, the Cards could really use his ability to make the opposing quarterback worry about the rush.
  • 4 (burst of activity) there's a mad rush on to meet the deadline
    estamos trabajando como locos tratando de terminar a tiempo [colloquial]
    the Christmas rush
    el gran movimiento del período de las fiestas de fin de año en los comercios
    an unexpected rush for tickets
    una repentina demanda de localidades
    a rush of orders
    una avalancha de pedidos
  • 5
    also: rushes plural
    fragmentos (masculine plural)
    rushes (masculine plural)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • So in a sense this is a bit like watching rushes in a feature film?
    • ‘I have only seen a few short rushes of the film and I am still not sure how it ends,’ he states in a long interview.
    • Next time we'll get our hands dirty; capturing and editing some footage in Premiere, going from our rushes to a final edited movie, all within the digital realm.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (run) (+ adverb complement) she rushed after him
    corrió tras él
    they rushed to the window
    corrieron a la ventana
    they came rushing up/down the stairs
    subieron/bajaron las escaleras corriendo or a todo correr or a toda prisa
    she rushed in/out
    entró/salió corriendo
    he heard the water rushing in/out
    oyó como el agua entraba/salía rápidamente
    as soon as I heard, I rushed straight back home
    en cuanto me enteré, volví a casa corriendo or a todo correr or a toda prisa
    to rush around o ( (British English) also) about
    ir de acá para allá
    correr de un lado para otro
    just a minute: don't rush off!
    espera un minuto, no salgas corriendo
    she saw him rush up to the guard
    lo vio correr a donde estaba el guardia
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They rushed outside to meet with their comrades who were also perplexed by their findings.
    • We rushed out to move our cars which were parked in the road in front of the house.
    • Instead she rushed past him, moving faster than he could see.
  • 2 (hurry, be hasty)
    apurarse (Latin America)
    there's no need to rush
    no hay prisa
    no hay apuro (Latin America)
    don't rush!
    ¡con calma!
    you'll have to rush
    vas a tener que darte prisa or ( (Latin America) tb) que apurarte
    thousands rushed to take advantage of the offer
    miles de personas corrieron a aprovechar la oferta
    give yourself time: don't rush at the question
    tómate el tiempo que necesites, no te precipites a responder la pregunta
    don't rush to conclusions
    no te precipites a sacar conclusiones
    she rushed to his aid
    corrió en su ayuda
    the train rushed into the tunnel
    el tren entró en el túnel a toda velocidad
    she rushed through the first course
    se comió el primer plato a todo correr or a la(s) carrera(s)
    they rushed through the rest of the movement
    tocaron el resto del movimiento a todo correr or a la(s) carrera(s)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It was not the mutuals that rushed into buying chains of estate agents and had to sell out in a hurry.
    • Increasing quantities of domestic investment has rushed into the field, especially during the last few years, as car sales have skyrocketed.
    • They had the part about attracting attention right, but then too many rushed into the creative process carelessly.
  • 3 (surge, flow) water rushed through the hole
    el agua entraba/salía con fuerza por el agujero
    blood rushed to his face
    (from embarrassment) se puso colorado or como la grana or como un tomate
    (from anger) se le subió la sangre a la cabeza
    doubts rushed into his mind
    lo asaltaron las dudas

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    hacer a todo correr or a la(s) carrera(s)
    hacer deprisa y corriendo
    meterle prisa a
    apurar (Latin America)
    they rush their meals
    comen a todo correr or a la(s) carrera(s) or deprisa y corriendo
    don't rush me to rush somebody into something/-ingI don't want to be rushed into (making) a decision
    no quiero que me hagan tomar una decisión precipitada
    I'm a bit rushed at the moment
    en este momento estoy muy ocupado
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The 1974 act was rushed through the houses of Parliament with a mere seventeen hours of debate.
    • The measure was rushed through Parliament after the violence at the European Championships in June.
    • The control orders were rushed through parliament earlier this month in the face of widespread opposition.
    1.2 (send, take hastily) supplies were rushed out to the area
    se enviaron suministros urgentemente a la zona
    she was rushed to hospital
    la trasladaron rápidamente al hospital [formal]
    la llevaron rápidamente al hospital
    an attempt to rush the bill through Parliament
    un intento de acelerar la aprobación del proyecto de ley por el Parlamento
    please rush me your latest catalog
    le ruego me remita or me envíe su último catálogo a or con la mayor brevedad (posible)
    (attack) (guards/sentry)
    abalanzarse sobre
    (enemy positions)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Three men were manhandled to the ground and handcuffed as they attempted to rush the event.
    • The group then initiates an attack by rushing the prey while issuing loud calls.
    • The mob attempted to rush the doors to the 19th floor elections office, and several people were trampled and manhandled in the process.
  • 2 2.1 (American English) [colloquial] (try to recruit)he was being rushed by every fraternity on campus
    se lo disputaban todas las asociaciones universitarias
    2.2 (British English) [slang] (charge)
    clavar [slang]
    aforrar (Chile) [colloquial]

Verbos con partícula

rush into

verb + preposition + object
don't rush into anything
no te precipites
no tomes ninguna decisión precipitada
see alsorush1 3 1 1

rush out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
sacar rápidamente

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Hay 2 entradas en las que se traduce rush a español:

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rush 2
Inglés americano: /rəʃ/
Inglés británico: /rʌʃ/


  • countable or uncountable (Botany) (before noun) rush mat
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Then the land went down, and there was marsh of rushes and willow and hazel.
    • Baskets are made from palm leaves, rushes, reeds, or wicker.
    • Several sedges and rushes from the marsh grow entangled beneath the shrubs.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • On the course students learned how to make papers from plant fibres such as bog rushes, straw, cotton and banana leaf known as abacca.

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