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Inglés americano: /sərtʃ/
Inglés británico: /səːtʃ/

Traducción de search en español:

transitive verb

  • (building)
    catear (Mexico)
    esculcar (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    revisar (Latin America)
    esculcar (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    buscar en
    to search one's memory to search one's conscience
    examinar su ( or mi etc. ) conciencia
    hacerse un examen de conciencia
    to search something/somebody for somethingshe searched the attic from top to bottom for the letters
    revolvió todo el ático buscando las cartas
    we searched the archives for conclusive evidence
    examinamos los archivos en busca de pruebas concluyentes
    I searched his face for a glimmer of recognition
    busqué en su rostro algún indicio de que me reconocía
    they searched him for drugs
    lo cachearon ( or registraron etc) para ver si tenía drogas
    they searched the woods for the missing child
    registraron el bosque en busca del niño desaparecido
    search me! [colloquial]
    ¡yo qué sé! [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Setting off the alarm at the security check, I was searched much more thoroughly than I'd ever been before.
    • The driver was searched by security guards but they did not check inside the lorry, said the newspaper.
    • Even I do not pay any attention to the armed guards searching me before I enter any public place.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • I walked to Ken's office and sat at his computer and started searching the databases.
    • So Joe was able to search the database for information about himself as well as his ancestor.
    • By searching the database a user can find out if a match exists for the buyer or seller who they are dealing with.

intransitive verb

  • we searched everywhere
    buscamos or miramos en todas partes
    to search for something/somebody
    buscar algo/a alguien
    they are searching for a way to …
    están buscando la manera de …
    they searched (around or about) for the missing ticket
    buscaron la entrada que faltaba por todas partes
    to search through somethingwe must search through his belongings
    tenemos que buscar entre sus cosas
    she searched through his papers for his will
    buscó su testamento entre sus papeles
    to search after something (after wealth/fulfillment)
    ir en busca de algo
    perseguir algo [literary]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • His lax brown eyes scanned the conveyor belt carefully, searching for a black duffel bag.
    • We walked among the shops, searching for anyone who was looking for an apprentice.
    • He mounted once more and began to trot among the trees, searching for the source of the noise.


  • 1 (hunt, quest)search (for something/somebody) the search for the child continues
    continúa la búsqueda de la niña
    after a fruitless search
    tras una búsqueda infructuosa
    we went in search of a policeman
    fuimos a buscar un policía
    they set off in search of adventure
    partieron en busca de aventuras
    we're in search of new premises
    estamos buscando un nuevo local
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In search of answers, they bolted and ran to alternative practitioners.
    • In search of opportunities to fulfil his dreams, he goes away from his caring brother.
    • Systematic literature searches were conducted to assess the evidence for and against the effectiveness of kava extract for treating anxiety.
  • 3 (Computing)
    (before noun) (time/operation)
    de búsqueda
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We found qualitative studies that focused directly on double standards through our computerized database searches.
    • They often asked questions that were too vague or did not lend themselves to keyword searches on the computer databases.
    • A computerized search through all relevant databases was also conducted using several combinations of keywords.
  • 4 (British) (Law)
    (investigación del título de propiedad de un inmueble en el catastro)

Verbos con partícula

search out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
tratar de descubrir
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