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Inglés americano: /səˈkjʊrədi/
Inglés británico: /sɪˈkjʊərɪti/
, /sɪˈkjɔːrɪti/

Traducción de security en español:

noun plural securities

  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (against crime, espionage etc) a breach of security
    una infracción de las normas de seguridad
    tight security was in force
    se habían extremado las medidas de seguridad
    (before noun) security alarm security forces there's been a security leak
    ha habido una filtración
    security measures security officer
    encargado (-da) (masculine, feminine) de seguridad
    security precaution
    medida (feminine) de precaución
    a security risk
    un peligro para la seguridad
    security system
    sistema (masculine) de seguridad
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Nicknamed the Jersey Girls, they became experts on national security and terrorism.
    • President Bush put terrorism and national security at the center of congressional races.
    • Wealth is therefore an instrument in the creation of national security and national welfare.
    1.2 (department) (+ singular or plural verb)
    departamento (masculine) de seguridad
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A huge team of people will ensure that the necessary security measures are in place.
    • Elea then set up a series of security measures to ensure that sure an occurrence could never happen again.
    • City institutions were just told to make sure that their existing checks and security procedures were working.
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (safety, certainty) children need emotional security
    los niños necesitan seguridad or estabilidad en el plano afectivo
    financial security
    seguridad económica
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The only true security against nuclear dangers is an enforceable ban on all nuclear weapons.
    • According to him however, Government has to guarantee security against international threats.
    • What should we be doing to ensure vaccine safety and security against external threats?
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • You are able to drop old fears and apprehension about material and emotional security.
    • For one thing, we are afraid, and in times of fear we crave security above all.
    • The problems could relate to declining health, declining income or declining emotional security.
    2.2 (protection) my security against want
    mi seguro or garantía contra la necesidad
  • 3 (Finance) 3.1 uncountable (guarantee) to stand security for somebody
    salir garante or fiador de alguien
    servirle or (Río de la Plata) salirle de garantía a alguien
    (before noun) security agreement
    contrato (masculine) de garantía
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The money was being used as security for costs until the appeal was completed.
    • The plaintiffs say that this property could be put up for security for costs.
    • David has offered the Ace Patent to me as security against this money, which, quite frankly, I am not prepared to accept.
    also: securities plural
    valores (masculine plural)
    títulos (masculine plural)
    government securities
    bonos (masculine plural) del Estado
    (before noun) the securities market
    el mercado de valores
    securities portfolio
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The new rules also make donating mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.
    • For those with an interest in individual securities, there are stocks and bonds to meet every need.
    • The Fed uses this cash to purchase securities from primary government bond dealers.
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