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Inglés americano: /ˈslipər/
Inglés británico: /ˈsliːpə/

Traducción de sleeper en español:


  • 1 (person) to be a heavy/light sleeper
    tener el sueño pesado/ligero
    we're lucky with the baby, he's a good sleeper
    hemos tenido suerte con el bebé, duerme muy bien
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • As a light sleeper, I can only struggle now to find better ear-plugs, or hope to sleep with my window forever open and get used to the outside noises as well.
    • I'm usually a light sleeper in unfamiliar situations, so it's not surprising that I would be a little jumpy.
    • He came through the front door and was surprised that she still didn't come to, since she was a light sleeper.
  • 3 (on track) (Railways)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In this case, existing landscape determined the form of the track, not the other way around, and great attention was paid to the design of rails, sleepers and trains to reduce noise.
    • Supplies such as ballast, rails and sleepers are moved to the site by train.
    • Trains, protected by railway sleepers and metal plates, were used - also in the Franco-Prussian war when four were fitted out to defend Paris during the siege.
  • 4 4.1 (unexpected success)
    (producto que resulta ser un éxito inesperado)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Just as the initial comic book issue became a sleeper success, so too has the silver screen Spider-Man.
    • The film was a sleeper hit and even spawned a low-budget sequel.
    • Avoiding a quiet sleeper of a film like this merely deprives you of an exciting movie experience.
    4.2 (in bill, contract)
    (cláusula que tiene efectos inesperados)
  • 5 (earring) (esp British)
    arete (masculine) or aro (masculine)
    pendiente (masculine) (Spain) (en forma de bolita)
    tornillo (masculine) (Uruguay)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • There was a brief twinge of pain as she squeezed a sleeper through the needle hole.
    • The man was also wearing a 9ct gold necklace and a gold sleeper earring in his left ear.
    • She clicks on the customer list, pulls up the database of 13,000 stock items, checks availability and starts adding in quantities for rings, studs and sleepers.
  • 6 (spy)
    (espía que no entra en actividad hasta pasado cierto tiempo)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A staple of the Cold War espionage novels that used to populate best-seller lists was the sleeper agent.
    • He was inserted as a sleeper agent five years ago.
    • Since Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, took the helm in the Kremlin, Russian intelligence networks in central and western Europe have been rebuilt and secret service sleepers activated.
  • 7
    also: sleepers plural
    (US) (Clothing)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Take one pair of child's sleepers and soak it in warm water.
    • Knitted fabrics, such as those used in T-shirts, sweatshirts, infant sleepers and sportswear, are examples of unstable fabrics.
    • Now I want to give you a description, I know we put the picture up, but the little boy has black hair, brown eyes, and he was last seen - there he is right there - wearing a red sleeper.
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