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Inglés americano: /smɔl/
Inglés británico: /smɔːl/

Traducción de small en español:

adjective smaller, smallest

  • 1 1.1 (in size)
    chico (esp Latin America)
    a small doll
    una muñeca pequeña or (esp Latin America) chica
    una muñequita
    cut it up small
    córtalo en trocitos (pequeños)
    he's got very small feet indeed
    tiene los pies pequeñísimos or (esp Latin America) muy chiquitos
    she's got a small waist
    tiene una cintura muy estrecha
    she's small for her age
    es muy chiquita or (Spain) está muy pequeña para su edad
    small letters
    letras (feminine plural) minúsculas
    he's a conservative with a small 'c'
    es de ideas conservadoras en el sentido amplio de la palabra
    small capitals (Printing)
    versalitas (feminine plural)
    the smallest room [euphemistic]
    el excusado [euphemistic]
    the small screen
    la pantalla chica (Latin America)
    to be small beer or (US also)small potatoesfor him $2,000 is small potatoes
    para él 2.000 dólares no son nada or son poca cosa
    we're small beer in the eyes of the bosses
    para los jefes somos poca cosa or no somos nadie
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Its high performance in a small case size also means that the costs can be reduced by using fewer or smaller capacitors.
    • The precision of variance components is reduced when sample size is small.
    • Staff revealed that four ovens were situated on the ground floor, two electric and two gas, each the same size as a small car.
    1.2 (in number, amount, value)
    chico (esp Latin America)
    a small quantity
    una pequeña cantidad
    he's a small eater
    come poco
    no es de mucho comer
    that is due in no small measure to his generous support
    eso se debe en gran medida a su generoso apoyo
    that was no small achievement/success
    ese fue un logro/éxito considerable
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Both areas were receiving small amounts of money over the years but little progress was being made.
    • Prior to the euro, some countries used notes for quite small amounts of money.
    • It is making me ridiculously happy, so it must have been worth the small amount of money I spent.
    1.3 (not much) they have small chance/hope of succeeding
    tienen pocas probabilidades/esperanzas de lograrlo
    I hear you've passed — yes, small thanks to you
    veo que has aprobado — no será gracias a ti
    small wonder!
    no es de extrañar
    no me extraña
  • 2 (in scale) the small investor/businessman
    el pequeño inversionista/empresario
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The study showed that small business owners and managers felt they came up with seven good ideas a month.
    • It is appealing for other small business owners to pay for booklets for their local school.
    • He said the experience gave him a new appreciation for small business owners.
  • 3 3.1 (unimportant, trivial)
    de poca importancia
    there are still a few small points to be cleared up
    todavía quedan algunos puntos de poca importancia por aclarar
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The flowers seem small and insignificant during the day but at twilight they glow in the fading light and look beautiful.
    • He was small and insignificant but had a firearm trained on my navel.
    • The peaks of Glen Shiel loomed over and made me feel deliciously small and insignificant.
    3.2 (humble, modest) they started in a small way
    empezaron de forma muy modesta
    I'd like to help in some small way
    me gustaría ayudar de alguna manera
    start exercising in a small way
    empiece a hacer ejercicio poco a poco
    to feel small
    sentirse insignificante
    sentirse poca cosa [colloquial]
    I won't do it again, he said in a small voice
    —no lo volveré a hacer— dijo en un hilo de voz

adverb smaller, smallest

  • (of size) she writes so small
    escribe tan pequeñito or (esp Latin America) chiquito
    tiene la letra tan menuda
    the virtue of thinking small
    la ventaja de no pensar a lo grande
    start small
    empieza por poco or por cosas pequeñas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It started out small and kept on expanding until it became one of the largest universities in the region.
    • The US may grumble that Europe talks big and acts small, but that is pretty much what Washington wants.


  • 1the small of the back
    (región baja de la espalda, que corresponde al segmento dorsal de la columna vertebral)
  • 2
    also: smalls plural
    (British) [colloquial] [dated]
    paños (masculine plural) menores [humorous]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Do we know if secreted about his smalls he has a pair of boxer shorts in either the ancient or red tartan of his venerable clanspersons?
    • Most retail philistines won't quite see what all the fuss is about; smalls are smalls, they murmur, no matter where they are sold.
    • If I could now ask you to drop your trousers and smalls…
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