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Inglés americano: /spɑt/
Inglés británico: /spɒt/

Traducción de spot en español:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (dot)
    (on animal's skin) mancha (feminine)
    a blue tie with white spots
    una corbata azul a or con lunares blancos ( or con motas blancas etc. )
    I keep seeing spots before my eyes
    veo como manchas
    to knock spots off something/somebody [colloquial]
    darle cien or cien mil vueltas a algo/alguien [colloquial]
    darle sopas con honda(s) a algo/alguien (Spain) [colloquial]
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Their fur, feathers and skins, wonderfully textured and coloured, the symmetry of the patterns they make and the exquisite arrays of stripes and spots are there to be emulated.
    • These spots have raised centers that may develop on either surface of the leaf but are more common on the lower surface.
    • Affected stems often have reddish-brown spots or streaks.
    1.2 (blemish, stain) spots of ink
    manchas de tinta
    a reputation without spot or stain [literary]
    una reputación impecable
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • An infestation can sometimes be recognized by blood stains and dark spots of excreta.
    • Here ink spots clearly are ink spots, and Kalina employs them in a carefree punctuation that sets up a joyful rhythm across the sheet.
    • In his nervousness, he cut himself, standing back and watching the blood trickle down his cheek; a small spot settling on the collar of his shirt.
    1.3 (pimple) (British) she broke out or came out in spots
    le salieron granos
    also: beauty spot
  • 2 2.1 countable (location, place) a delightful spot by the river
    un lugar or un sitio precioso a orillas del río
    extra police were rushed to the spot
    refuerzos policiales fueron enviados con urgencia al lugar de los disturbios ( or del siniestro etc. )
    don't move from that spot until I get back
    no te muevas de ahí hasta que vuelva
    on the spotfiremen were quickly on the spot
    los bomberos se presentaron sin demora en el lugar del siniestro
    and now a report from our woman on the spot
    y ahora un informe de nuestra enviada especial (desde el lugar de los hechos)
    he had to decide on the spot
    tuvo que decidir en ese mismo momento
    she was fired on the spot
    la despidieron en el acto
    they were killed on the spot
    los mataron allí mismo
    on-the-spot fine
    (multa que se paga en el acto)
    to be rooted to the spot
    quedarse clavado en el sitio or paralizado
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He crawled, looking for a secluded spot like the Tall Soldier had.
    • It's a wonder how all of this art, architecture and creativity ended up in such a secluded spot.
    • Garbled details would be passed on by word of mouth and soon convoys of hatchbacks would head out for sunrise sessions in motorway service stations and picnic spots.
    2.2 (difficult situation) in a (tight) spot
    en apuros
    en un lío
    en un aprieto
    we're in a bit of a spot here
    estamos metidos en un apuro or lío or aprieto
    to help somebody out of a tight spot
    sacar a alguien de un apuro or aprieto
    to put somebody on the spot
    poner a alguien en un apuro or aprieto
  • 3 countable (of character, personality) science is my weak spot
    las ciencias son mi punto débil or no son mi fuerte
    you've touched a rather sore spot there
    has puesto el dedo en la llaga
    to have a soft spot for somebody/something [colloquial]
    tener debilidad por alguien/algo
    to hit the spot (esp US)
    caer muy bien
  • 4 4.1 (drop)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Davis brings a beautifully written character to life without a spot of bother, and she makes a wonderful addition to the Spaced cast.
    • Treating me to a spot of food and a fresh coffee in the garden, he started to explain why you should choose to use your art to make political statements.
    • It is not simply schoolchildren who benefit from a spot of Mozart.
    4.2 (small amount) (British) [colloquial] (no plural) do you fancy a spot of supper?
    ¿quieres cenar algo?
    we had a spot of trouble with the car
    tuvimos un problemita or un pequeño contratiempo con el coche
    the garden could do with a spot of rain
    al jardín le vendría bien que lloviera un poco
  • 5 countable (Radio, Television) 5.1 (time) a weekly spot on TV
    un espacio semanal en televisión
    a commercial spot
    un spot publicitario
    una cuña publicitaria
    un anuncio
    5.2 (part) he had a guest spot in the program
    apareció como invitado en el programa
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Finally, the one bright spot amongst the added features is a five-minute excerpt from the boys' appearance at the 1997 Cable Ace Awards.
    • About the only bright spot is the colorful feature starring Lewis Van Dercar.
    • One bright spot is simply that hard-core rap has knocked out such unmusical predecessors as heavy metal and punk.
  • 6 countable (position, job) (US)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The audio archives section contains radio spots and full songs related to the film.
    • On the other side are the easily deluded, the ones who believe that a hit single or a television spot circumvents money to actually purchase happiness.
    • Aardman has subsequently worked on a number of advertisements, the most distinctive of which are probably the Lurpak spots featuring a character made of butter named Douglas.

transitive verb present participle spotting past tense, past participle spotted

  • 1
    he finally spotted her in the crowd
    al final la vio or la divisó or (Latin America also) la ubicó entre el gentío
    he's good at spotting talent
    sabe reconocer talento donde lo hay
    see if you can spot the difference
    a ver si te das cuenta de cuál es la diferencia
    you didn't spot half the mistakes
    dejaste pasar or no descubriste más de la mitad de las faltas
    he always spots the winner
    siempre adivina quién/cuál va a ganar
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Late that day one of the search crews spotted Doug's body in such rugged terrain they were unable to get to it before dark.
    • I also spotted a fair amount of grain in the transfer.
    • I like spotting the eel, who is very shy and hides under rocks.
  • 2 (mark) (usually passive) his tie was spotted with blood
    tenía la corbata manchada or salpicada de sangre

intransitive verb present participle spotting past tense, past participle spotted

  • (material/surface)

impersonal verb present participle spotting past tense, past participle spotted

  • (British) it's spotting with rain
    está lloviznando or [colloquial] chispeando
    están cayendo unas gotas


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