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Inglés americano: /stɛp/
Inglés británico: /stɛp/

Traducción de step en español:


  • 1 (footstep, pace) to take a step forward/to the right
    dar un paso adelante/a la derecha
    a great step forward
    un gran paso adelante
    it was her first step on the road to success
    fue su primer paso hacia el éxito
    one step forward, two steps back [humorous]
    un paso hacia adelante y dos hacia atrás(, como el cangrejo)
    I heard her steps in the corridor
    oí sus pasos or sus pisadas en el pasillo
    to follow in somebody's steps
    seguir los pasos de alguien
    I'll be with you every step of the way
    estaré contigo en todo momento
    to be/keep one step aheadconstant research keeps us one step ahead of our rivals
    la constante investigación nos mantiene en una situación de ventaja con respecto a la competencia
    they're one step ahead of us
    nos llevan cierta ventaja
    he tries to keep one step ahead of his students
    trata de que sus alumnos no lo aventajen
    to watch one's step (be cautious, behave well)
    andarse con cuidado or con pie de plomo
    watch your step (when walking)
    mira por dónde caminas
    see alsostep by step
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He then proceeded taking the few steps towards the massive front doors of the palace, which slowly opened, as he got nearer.
    • May took her arm, and they began to walk with small steps towards the exit.
    • He took a slow step backward, and then fell flat onto his back.
  • 2 2.1 countable (of dance)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • After that, they chose and combined the movements with modern dance steps.
    • She has even mastered some ballroom dance steps, which form part of the choreographed routines for the show.
    • While Williams made her way brilliantly through its forest of steps, the dance was more demanding than affecting.
    2.2 uncountable (in marching, walking) to be in step
    (in dancing) llevar el compás or el ritmo
    to be out of step
    no llevar el paso
    (in dancing) ir desacompasado
    no llevar el compás or el ritmo
    to break step
    romper el paso
    she fell into step beside me
    acomodó su paso al mío
    in/out of step with somebody/somethingthe leaders are out of step with the wishes of the majority
    los líderes no sintonizan con los deseos de la mayoría
    she's always managed to keep in step with public opinion
    siempre ha logrado mantenerse en sintonía con la opinión pública
  • 3 (distance) the beach is only a step away
    la playa está a un paso
    it's a fair step from here to the station
    hay un buen trecho hasta la estación
    this brings war one step nearer
    esto significa un paso más hacia un conflicto bélico
    from here it's a short step to total ruin
    de aquí a la ruina absoluta solo hay un paso
  • 4 a step in the right direction
    un paso hacia adelante
    the next step is to inform the police
    el próximo paso es informar a la policía
    to take legal steps
    recurrir a la justicia
    to take steps (to + infinitive) they are taking steps to remedy the situation
    están tomando medidas para remediar la situación
    están tomando medidas encaminadas a remediar la situación
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The next step is to add milk but milk is dangerous and the date stamps are often confusing.
    • My plan was moving a little quicker than anticipated so I decided to take things slow after the next step.
    • Once you have identified slow code, the next step is to address those issues.
  • 5 5.1 mind the step
    cuidado con el escalón
    the church/museum steps
    la escalinata or las escaleras de la iglesia/del museo
    the altar steps
    las gradas del altar
    a flight of steps
    un tramo (masculine) de escalera
    he left the parcel on the step
    dejó el paquete en la puerta
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The first thing we both did when we got back was make a beeline for the staircase, each of us putting a foot on the bottom step at the same time.
    • Wendy saw Dr. Maddox out of the corner of her eye at the bottom step of a stairway leading to a second floor.
    • Cut into the granite is a steep, gradually narrowing staircase, with some steps almost one foot high.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • She screeched as she held on to one of the steps of the steel ladder.
    • I climbed down the steps of my ladder after shoving my new diary under my mattress.
    • He jumps down, missing the last three steps of the ladder and landing right behind her.
    also: steps plural
    (British) (stepladder)
    escalera (feminine) (de mano or de tijera)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He raced to the home of Mrs Caulfield's sister where he also found Mr Caulfield collapsed under a pair of steps.
    • He listed a couple of folding camp chairs, a pair of steps, and a number of coats hanging up.
  • 6 6.1 (degree in scale) she's moved up a step in the salary scale
    ha ascendido un peldaño en la escala salarial
    his new post is a step up the ladder from supervisor
    su nuevo puesto está inmediatamente por encima del de supervisor
    that would be a step up in her career
    eso significaría un ascenso para ella
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • But you can't rest on your laurels - you must create your CV to get yourself on the next step of the ladder.
    • A first home is a step on the ladder, it's never the end goal or the dream home, and is rarely where you'd genuinely like it to be.
    • No-one was sponsoring me for this race and it is merely the first step on the ladder to the big one.
    6.2 (US) (Music)half step

intransitive verb present participle stepping past tense, past participle stepped

  • 1 (move) (+ adverb complement) would you step inside/outside for a moment?
    ¿quiere pasar or entrar/salir un momento?
    to step off a plane
    bajarse de un avión
    from the moment he stepped onto the stage
    desde el momento que puso pie en or pisó el escenario
    he could have stepped straight out of a story book
    parecía sacado or salido de un libro de cuentos
    she stepped over the threshold
    atravesó el umbral
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Wendy had just lifted her foot to step over to the next joist, and the sudden noise made her startle badly.
    • I suppose everyone who worked with horses will have had their foot accidentally stepped on.
    • He set me back on my feet and I stepped aside to allow him entrance.

Verbos con partícula

step aside

verb + adverb
(move aside)
(resign, go) renunciar

step back

verb + adverb
(move back)
dar un paso atrás
(become detached)to step back (from something)
distanciarse (de algo)
try to step back from the situation
trata de distanciarte un poco de la situación
trata de ver la situación con cierta perspectiva

step down

verb + adverb
1 (get down) 2 (resign)
dejar su ( or mi etc. ) puesto

step forward

verb + adverb
(move forward) dar un paso adelante
(present oneself) ofrecerse
when they asked for volunteers, I stepped forward
cuando pidieron voluntarios, yo me ofrecí

step in

verb + adverb
tomar cartas en el asunto

step off

verb + adverb
empezar a marchar
see alsostep 2 1

step out

verb + adverb
1 (walk quickly)
apretar el paso
2 (be courting) [dated]to step out with somebody
hacer(le) la corte a alguien [dated]
3 (be unfaithful to) (US) to step out on somebody
engañar a alguien
see alsostep 2 1

step up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
aumentar la frecuencia de
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