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adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1.1 (harsh) [rebuke/warning/measures] severo, duro; [person] severo the stern reality of post-war life la dura realidad de la vida de posguerra I thought you were made of sterner stuff te creía más fuerte
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • He still spoke in his cool voice but it was a stern statement.
    • After 50 minutes of stern questions and answers - the length of a typical undergraduate class - the interrogation is over.
    • And they have issued a stern warning to those responsible: Stop before somebody dies.
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The controversial plan is facing stern opposition by locals and following a very well attended meeting last month this months meeting is set once again to draw a very large crowd.
    • Leitrim did provide stern opposition for long periods, but Sligo's superior skill and fitness levels ensured that they prevailed in the end.
    • Only bitter rivals New Zealand provide stern opposition, but recently the Aussies have been getting the better of these encounters.
    1.2 (disapproving, serious) [look/features/voice] severo, adusto
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • For those who expect a stern teacher and a serious photographer, he is a bundle of surprise.
    • He was my mother's favorite brother and our least favorite Uncle; he was too stern, too serious, too strict.
    • But she was stern in demeanor and normally carried a serious face.

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