Hay 2 traducciones de still en español:

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Pronunciación: /stɪl/


  • 1.1 (motionless) [lake/air] en calma, quieto, tranquilo sit/stand still quédate quieto he lay still estaba tendido sin moverse hold the camera still no muevas la cámara her heart stood still for a moment el corazón se le paró un momento 1.2 (of drink) sin gas, no efervescente



Spanish has two words for still: todavía and aún. Both can go at the beginning or end of the sentence: I still haven't seen him todavía or aún no lo he visto, or no lo he visto todavía or aún.The distinction in English between he hasn't arrived yet and he still hasn't arrived is not expressed verbally in Spanish. Both can be translated by todavía or aún no ha llegado, or no ha llegado todavía or aún. The degree of intensity, surprise, or annoyance is often expressed by intonation.Note that the verb seguir can be used to express continuation: I still don't understand why sigo sin entender por qué; he's still looking for a job sigue buscando trabajo.

  • 1 (even now, even then) todavía, aún there's still plenty left todavía or aún queda mucho they were still dancing todavía or aún estaban bailando, seguían bailando the play asks some still pertinent questions la obra formula preguntas que siguen siendo pertinentes hoy en día I've written four times and I still haven't had a reply he escrito cuatro veces y sigo sin obtener respuesta or y todavía no me han contestado I explained again, but still she didn't understand lo volví a explicar, pero seguía sin entender I still can't/couldn't understand it sigo/seguía sin entender are we still friends? ¿seguimos siendo amigos?
    Example sentences
    • The distinction between real and personal property is an ancient one and is still of importance today.
    • Research into questions of this type is still of major importance in combinatorial group theory.
    • The Committee members unanimously agreed that they were still of the same mind.
    Example sentences
    • He felt compelled to show that China might still have a future as great as her past.
    • This is a guide to what has been done so far, as well as what may still change in the future.
    • There was still a chance to win the game as there were two more potential matches remaining.
  • 2 (as intensifier/como palabra enfática) 2.1 (even) (with comparative/con comparativo) aún, todavía the risk is greater still ostill greater el riesgo es aún or todavía mayor more serious still, they haven't replied y lo que es más grave aún or y lo que es todavía más grave, no han contestado more disturbing still is their refusal to negotiate más preocupante aún es su negativa a negociar 2.2 (besides, in addition) aún, todavía still further complications have developed ha habido más complicaciones aún or todavía
    Example sentences
    • There's a bit of a sour taste in the mouth, but we've still won the war, like we always said we would.
    • It was said that he used to cover his eyes when he putted but still he won his share of tournaments.
    • But still, having won on a ticket of change, it is clear that change there will have to be.
    Example sentences
    • Emphasis on the omnipotence of God is still more pronounced in the writings of William of Ockham.
    • But the growth is still much less than last year with prices beginning to level out.
    • Worse still, victims of repeated high winds may begin to find it difficult to get any cover at all.
  • 3 (sentence adv) 3.1 (even so, despite that) aun así they say it's safe, but I'm still scared dicen que no hay peligro pero igual or aun así tengo miedo even if they behaved badly, they're still our friends aunque se hayan portado mal, son nuestros amigos will you still be attending the meeting? ¿asistirá a la reunión de todos modos?, ¿igual asistirá a la reunión? 3.2 (however) de todos modos still, it could have been worse de todos modos, podría haber sido peor I don't think it will work; still, we can always try no creo que funcione; pero bueno, igual podemos intentarlo it's not perfect yet — still, it's an improvement aún no está perfecto — no, pero está mejor

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

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