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Inglés americano: /stɔrm/
Inglés británico: /stɔːm/

Traducción de storm en español:


  • 1 (Meteorology) a storm at sea
    una tempestad
    un temporal
    let's try to get home before the storm breaks
    intentemos llegar a casa antes de que se desate or se desencadene la tormenta
    a storm in a teacup (British) to take something by storm
    tomar algo por asalto
    asaltar algo
    she took New York's audiences by storm
    cautivó al público neoyorquino
    tuvo un éxito clamoroso en Nueva York
    to weather or ride (out) the storm
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • These kinds of storms can produce rain, hail snow, thunder and lightning.
    • Hampshire was battered by high-speed winds and heavy rain yesterday as violent storms hit the county.
    • The storms also brought strong winds and frequent lightning, we are told.
  • 2 (of abuse) a new storm broke
    estalló un nuevo escándalo
    se volvió a armar un revuelo
    his fifth novel was launched in a storm of publicity
    su quinta novela fue lanzada con mucha alharaca or con gran despliegue publicitario
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • This was my first exposure to the raging storm of the creation-day controversy.
    • However, a new poll suggests that the 39-year-old's public appeal has not been affected by the storm over drugs.
    • Closer to home, the Irish Times, once the stately ship of Irish journalism, continues to be battered by storms and controversy.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • When Dylan himself decided to make the transition from folk hero to electric messiah, he found himself at the centre of a storm of protest.
    • After a storm of protest, the conservation group agreed to talk to animal welfare groups to see if there was a way to save both hedgehogs and birds.
    • The proposals for extra drinking time were met with a storm of protest from neighbours who said it would fuel late-night noise.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (move violently) (+ adverb complement) troops stormed into the country
    las tropas marcharon sobre el país
    she stormed into the office
    irrumpió en la oficina
    entró en la oficina como un vendaval
    furious, he stormed out of the meeting
    abandonó la reunión furioso
    the crowd stormed through the gates
    la multitud se precipitó por la verja
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • They promptly blamed each other for driving him away, and stormed off in opposite directions in the vain hope of finding their way back to the palace.
    • At last, Cora and Arlan broke away and stormed off in opposite directions.
    • He then turned on his heel and stormed off in the direction of the cucumber sandwiches.
    1.2 (blow violently)
    soplar con fuerza
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It was practically dark as we prepared to put the sign onto the posts when a strong wind stormed through bringing an icy rain and hail with it.
    • He often provided a roof over my head when it stormed or the snow was deep outside.
    • That night it stormed again and in the morning they set out through the driving rain, though the thunder and lightning had stopped.
  • 2 (express anger) he stormed at the manager
    le dijo de todo al gerente
    she stormed at or over the delay
    se puso furiosa por el retraso

transitive verb

  • 1 (attack, capture)
    tomar por asalto
    irrumpir en
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The siege finally ended the following day when troops stormed the building.
    • When troops stormed the building, 129 hostages and 41 guerrillas were killed.
    • With the help of military deserters, they stormed the prison and forced its surrender, massacring the commander who had fired on them early in the attack.
  • 2 (say angrily) this is outrageous, she stormed
    —esto es un escándalo —bramó
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