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Inglés americano: /tɔk/
Inglés británico: /tɔːk/

Traducción de talk en español:

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (utter words)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • However, since I was so relieved to be talking to someone, I started talking with her friend.
    • As well as stopping and talking to people on the street we also spent a lot of time checking under bridges and talking with the homeless there.
    • For Arius, it was logically possible to talk about God without talking of him as Father.
    also: talking present participle
    que habla
    talking picture (Cinema)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He can only use his right hand and finds talking difficult as his speech is impaired.
    • He talks, but his speech has not developed at the rate it should.
  • 2
    (speak) hablar
    (converse) hablar
    platicar (esp Central America, Mexico)
    to talk in English/in a whisper
    hablar en inglés/en susurros
    she talks very fast/with a French accent
    habla muy rápido/con acento francés
    we talked on the phone
    hablamos or (Central America, Mexico also) platicamos por teléfono
    everyone stopped talking
    todo el mundo se calló
    stop talking!
    don't talk with your mouth full!
    ¡no hables con la boca llena!
    he never stops talking
    no para de hablar
    habla hasta por los codos [colloquial]
    they talked and talked
    hablaron largo y tendido
    you'd think she was a monster the way they talk
    oyéndolos a ellos, cualquiera diría que es un monstruo
    I wish he were dead! — you shouldn't talk like that!
    ¡ojalá se muriera! — ¡no digas eso!
    to talk about somebody/something
    hablar de alguien/algo
    we talked about you/the weather
    hablamos de ti/del tiempo
    he doesn't know what he's talking about
    no sabe lo que dice
    the year's most talked-about event
    el acontecimiento más comentado del año
    you ate it all? talk about greedy! [colloquial]
    ¿te lo comiste todo? ¡hay que ser glotón!
    for a basic kit you're talking about $900 [colloquial]
    para un equipo básico hay que pensar en unos 900 dólares
    to talk of something
    hablar de algo
    she's talking of retiring next year
    está hablando de jubilarse el año que viene
    talking of food, when's dinner?
    hablando de comida or a propósito de comida ¿a qué hora se cena?
    the much talked-of project has come to nothing
    el proyecto del que tanto se ha hablado ha quedado en agua de borrajas
    to talk to somebodyare you talking to me ?
    ¿me hablas a mí?
    I wasn't talking to you
    yo no estaba hablando contigo or no te estaba hablando a ti
    who was that you were talking to?
    ¿con quién hablabas?
    don't talk to me about buses!
    ¡me vas a decir a mí lo que son los autobuses!
    aren't you two talking to each other?
    ¿ustedes no se hablan?
    he wanted someone to talk to
    necesitaba a alguien con quien hablar
    to talk to oneself
    hablar solo
    I was only talking to myself
    estaba hablando solo
    he was talking at rather than to us
    se estaba escuchando a sí mismo, más que hablando con nosotros
    they talked right past each other
    hablaron sin entenderse
    to talk with somebody
    hablar or (Central America, Mexico also) platicar con alguien
    to get talking
    entablar conversación
    ponerse a hablar or (Central America, Mexico also) a platicar
    how did you get talking to or with him?
    ¿cómo fue que entablaste conversación or que te pusiste a hablar con él?
    she kept him talking while I escaped
    ella lo entretuvo hablando mientras yo me escapé
    they talked away for hours
    estuvieron horas charlando or (Central America, Mexico also) platicando
    they talk in millions of dollars
    hablan de millones de dólares
    don't talk daft! (British) [colloquial]
    ¡no digas bobadas! [colloquial]
    to talk dirty or filthy [slang]
    decir vulgaridades
    it's easy for you to talk!
    ¡es fácil decirlo or hablar!
    you're just lazy! — you can talk! or you can't talk! or look who's talking! [colloquial]
    ¡es que eres un vago! — ¡mira quién habla!
    now you're talking! [colloquial]
    ¡así se habla!
    money talks
  • 3 3.1 (have discussion) is there somewhere we can talk?
    ¿podemos hablar en privado?
    we've got to talk
    tenemos que hablar
    I'm always here if you want to talk
    si necesitas hablar con alguien, aquí estoy
    the two sides are ready to talk
    las dos partes están dispuestas a negociar
    to talk about somethingwe have to talk about dates
    tenemos que discutir posibles fechas
    they refuse to talk about sovereignty
    se niegan a entrar en negociaciones sobre soberanía
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • We want them to talk to each other in addition to their governments talking.
    • North End confirmed they were talking to players, but refused to name names.
    3.2 (give talk)to talk (about/on something)
    hablar (de/sobre algo)
    dar una charla (sobre algo)
    3.3 (gossip) people will talk
    va a dar mucho que hablar
    you know how she talks
    ya sabes cómo le gusta hablar
    you can't stop people talking
    no se puede evitar que la gente haga comentarios
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • She's the bride-to-be who's got the whole country talking about her cold feet.
    • He always was a big name here in New York, but now the whole country's talking about him.
    • These long ago promised chairs have had the whole office talking for weeks now.
    3.4 (reveal secret) to make somebody talk
    hacer hablar a alguien
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Multinationals will go to any lengths to keep their employees from talking, we can reveal.
    • Some talked and sold their secrets for their lives.

transitive verb

  • 1 (speak) [colloquial]they were talking Italian
    hablaban (en) italiano
    to talk golf/economics
    hablar de golf/economía
    we're talking big money here
    estamos hablando de mucho dinero
    don't talk nonsense!
    ¡no digas tonterías!
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A while ago people were talking Oscar nominations, but it would really be an injustice if it got any.
    • Where the age or consent is a defence, well you're talking a different kettle of fish.
    • We're certainly not talking your average, run-of-the-mill love story here.
  • 2 (argue, persuade)to talk somebody into/out of something/-ing
    convencer a alguien de que/de que no + subjunctive
    he talked me into doing it
    me convenció de que lo hiciera
    see if you can talk her out of it!
    a ver si puedes convencerla de que no lo haga
    to talk one's way or oneself into/out of somethingshe had to talk her way out of trouble
    tuvo que usar mucha labia para salir del aprieto
    he talked himself into a corner
    se metió en aprietos or en un lío por hablar
    she talked herself into the job
    habló tan bien que le dieron el trabajo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The negotiators would come up, attempt to talk this person into letting them go.
    • While at his daughter's home he developed an infection and after days of persuasion from his family was talked into going back into hospital.
    • He was talked out of a tightrope walk between two sky-scrapers to open a megastore in New York, but he has come close to death many times in publicity stunts.


  • 1 countable 1.1 (conversation) I gathered very little from my talk with her
    saqué muy poco en limpio de mi conversación con ella
    it's time we had a little talk
    ya es hora de que hablemos seriamente
    I had a long talk with him
    estuve hablando or (Central America, Mexico also) platicando un rato largo con él
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • In movies like this, a picture is worth a thousand words, and less talk would have been welcome.
    • In fact, careless talk and unciphered communications gave considerable help to German intelligence.
    • The avian flu virus which has generated much talk and discussion across continents in recent weeks is of a deadly nature.
    1.2 (lecture) to give a talk about or on something
    dar una charla sobre algo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Members of the Countryside Team will be present and there will be an informal talk, followed by a gentle walk through the park.
    • Earlier the peer educators had used a lecture-cum-discussion technique and but later switched over to informal talks in groups.
    • In his talk, Harvey will address the anxiety that string theory has produced.
    also: talks plural
    conversaciones (feminine plural)
    negociaciones (feminine plural)
    to have or hold talks
    mantener or sostener conversaciones
    the two leaders met for talks
    los dos líderes se reunieron para dialogar
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Singapore is also now in formal talks with Canada, China and Mexico for similar agreements.
    • Norway has indicated it has suspended formal involvement in the talks, adding to the pressure on the prime minister and the president to end the political stalemate.
    • No formal talks are under way, and there is a chance no deal will occur.
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (suggestion, rumor) there is talk of his retiring
    se habla de que or corre la voz de que se va a jubilar
    there was even talk of …
    llegó incluso a hablarse de …
    it was the talk of the town
    era la comidilla del lugar
    no se hablaba más que de eso
    2.2 (words) [colloquial] [derogatory]
    palabrería (feminine) [colloquial] [derogatory]
    palabras (feminine plural)
    it's just talk!
    es pura palabrería [colloquial] [derogatory]
    you get nothing but talk from him!
    habla mucho pero luego nada
    all that talk about making me a star!
    ¡tanto hablar de que me iban a convertir en una estrella!
    to be all talk (and no action)
    hablar mucho y no hacer nada
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The promises and the tough talk are being met with justifiable skepticism.
    • For all their talk and promises of support, they have always placed self-preservation at the top of their list.
    • If we think about it together we might be able to do things beyond just empty talk.

Verbos con partícula

talk around

(British also) talk round
1verb + object + adverb (persuade) to talk somebody around to something
convencer a alguien de que
we finally talked them around to our point of view
finalmente los convencimos de que teníamos razón
he talked them around to accepting the offer
los convenció de que aceptaran la oferta
2verb + preposition + objectto talk around a problem
dar vueltas alrededor de un problema

talk back

verb + adverb
(be disrespectful)
contestar or responder (mal)
children who talk back
los niños respondones or (Southern Cone) contestadores

talk down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
dirigir por radio (en un aterrizaje)
2 (silence)
hacer callar
she has a habit of talking you down
tiene la costumbre de no dejarte hablar
hacer bajar
we managed to talk him down to $800
logramos que nos rebajara el precio a 800 dólares

talk down to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
hablarle en tono condescendiente a

talk out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (discuss)
hablar abiertamente de
2 (Politics)
(prolongar los debates de manera que no quede tiempo para votar un proyecto de ley)

talk over

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hablar de

talk round

talk around

talk through

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
to talk somebody through something
(discuss) hablar con alguien de algo
(explain) explicarle algo a alguien

talk up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
inflar el valor de
they talked her up to $500
le hicieron subir la oferta a 500 dólares
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