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Inglés americano: /θɪk/
Inglés británico: /θɪk/

Traducción de thick en español:

adjective -er, -est

  • 1 1.1
    it's 5cm thick
    tiene 5cm de espesor or de grosor
    an inch-thick layer
    una capa de una pulgada de espesor or de grosor
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • A scar ran from above his right eye, across his nose and mouth, and ended just below the left side of his thick lips.
    • The burgers they dine on are suitably beefy without being too big, with stacks of thick fries on the side.
    • She looked across her room to the desk on the other side, the thick book on top of it waiting to be read.
    (in consistency) (soup/cream/sauce)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • It should have the consistency of a thick paste.
    • My main meal came with well seasoned roasted potatoes, nice firm courgettes in thick tomato sauce, and mildly spiced yam.
    • Cook for a few minutes longer until the lamb and zucchini are both tender and the mixture has the consistency of a thick sauce.
    (dense) (vegetation)
    she has thick hair
    tiene el pelo grueso y abundante
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He was tall and lanky, with small round glasses and a close cap of thick curls.
    • At the end of the three-hour journey, the thick forests thin out revealing a much-used pathway which slopes abruptly to the bed of a nearby river.
    • Tall palm trees and thick forests of cactuses give travellers the impression that they are staying in a tropical region.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Rain, heavy cloud cover and thick fog in the area had prompted Albania's prime minister to cancel his own flight to the conference.
    • It simply continued, going on towards infinity until finally the air itself was so thick as to be opaque.
    • They could see an immense mountain that stretched up into heavy thick clouds.
  • 2 (covered, filled) (predicative) to be thick with something
    estar lleno de algo
    thick with dust
    lleno de polvo
    thick with smoke
    cargado or lleno de humo
    thick with tourists
    atestado or [pejorative] plagado de turistas
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The air was thick with incense smoke from joss sticks and everyone was eating.
    • The air was thick with grit and smoke, its acidic taste coating the insides of her mouth.
    • The air is often thick with the perfume of jasmine and orange blossom.
  • 3
    (heavy) (accent)
    with a thick voice
    (from drink)
    con voz pastosa
    (from fear)
    con voz sorda
    I woke up with a thick head
    me levanté con la cabeza embotada
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • The actors are especially unhappy about the scene where the asylum seeker meets the English girl's parents and they cannot understand a word he says because of his thick accent.
    • Plus, my accent was so thick that it was hard for the teachers to understand me.
    • The guy had spoken with a thick accent which made it hard to understand his words.
  • 4 [colloquial] 4.1 4.2 (unfair) Ver ejemplos: it's a bit thick
    ya es demasiado
    ya es pasarse [colloquial]
    4.3 (close) (predicative) to be thick (with somebody)
    estar a partir un piñón or (Southern Cone) un confite (con alguien)
    he's very thick with the boss
    el jefe y él están a partir un piñón or (Southern Cone) un confite
    el jefe y él son uña y carne or [humorous] uña y mugre or (River Plate area) carne y uña
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • He seems very thick with him.
    • ‘He has a fair chance of success, too, for he seems very thick with Floyd, and it's a good thing to have a friend at headquarters,’ observed the Colonel.
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Up until then I'd just been branded as the thick, stupid farmer's son.
    • Was he plain stupid, thick or did he just want to die?
    • I used to think it was me being stupid and thick; the teachers used to call me that a lot.


  • he slices the bread too thick
    corta el pan demasiado grueso or [colloquial] gordo
    the bread was spread thick with jam
    el pan tenía una capa gruesa de mermelada
    the snow was falling thick and fast
    estaba nevando copiosamente
    ideas came thick and fast
    llovían las ideas


  • she likes to be in the thick of things
    le gusta estar donde está la acción
    in the thick of the brawl
    en lo más reñido de la pelea
    in the thick of night (American English)
    en plena noche
    through thick and thin
    tanto en las duras como en las maduras
    you can rely on him, through thick and thin
    puedes contar con él tanto en las duras como en las maduras

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