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Pronunciación: /weɪk/

vt (past woke past p, woken)

  • despertar* this will wake them from their apathy esto los sacará de su apatía or les sacudirá la apatía see also wake up 1 1

vi (past woke past p, woken)

  • 1.1 (become awake) despertar*, despertarse* he woke from a deep sleep despertó de un sueño profundo see alsowake up 2 1 1.2 (be awake) (only in -ing form) waking or sleeping, it's always on my mind no me lo puedo quitar de la cabeza ni de día ni de noche my waking hours las horas que paso despierta it was a waking nightmare fue (como) una pesadilla
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • I woke up on Tuesday morning after a few hours fitful sleep and went back to the hospital.
    • Debbie was still asleep so I decided to try and go back to sleep until she woke up.
    • A little voice in her head woke her up this is not how you're going to start the New Year is it?

Verbos con partícula

wake up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (rouse) despertar* wake me up at six o'clock despiértame a las seis these people need waking up from their apathy hay que sacar a esta gente de su apatía to wake sb's ideas up (BrE) espabilar or despabilar a algn 1.2 (make aware)to wake sb up (to sth) they need to be woken up to this threat hay que hacer que se den cuenta or que tomen conciencia de esta amenaza 1.1v + adv 2.1 (become awake) despertarse* to wake up to the sound of birds singing despertarse* con el canto de los pájaros he woke up to find himself in hospital al despertar se dio cuenta de que estaba en el hospital the next morning she woke up with a terrible headache a la mañana siguiente amaneció or se despertó con un dolor de cabeza terrible wake up! that's the third time I've asked for the butter! ¡espabílate! or ¡despabílate! ¡es la tercera vez que te pido la mantequilla! 2.2 (realize) to wake up to sth [to danger/fact/threat] darse* cuenta or tomar conciencia de algo to wake up to the realities of life despertar* a la realidad de la vida to wake up and smell the coffee espabilarse or darse* cuenta y actuar

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nape of the neck …

Hay 2 traducciones de wake en español:



  • 1 (of ship) estela (f) in the wake of sth the hurricane left a trail of destruction in its wake el huracán dejó una estela de destrucción a su paso in the wake of the revolution tras la revolución his resignation comes in the wake of … su dimisión se produce tras or sigue a … he accelerated and left the others trailing in his wake aceleró y dejó atrás a los demás
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • The reason given for this crash was that the aircraft flew into the wake of another aircraft, and the pilot lost control of it.
    • Whether it's cruising through a wake or throwing an anchor, according to him I do it all wrong.
    • The speedboat kicked up a huge wave of water in its wake.
  • 2 (for dead person) velatorio (m), velorio (m)
    Más ejemplos en oraciones
    • Bodies in the United States are usually kept in the funeral homes till the wake is done.
    • Any breach of the rule was to result in a withdrawal by the clergy of their services at the wake and funeral.
    • A death in the Creole community is observed with an evening wake in the family's home.

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