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Inglés americano: /(h)wuʃ/
, /(h)wʊʃ/
Inglés británico: /wʊʃ/
, /wuːʃ/


  • there was a whoosh as the flames consumed the papers
    se oyó como un rugido al devorarse las llamas los papeles
    the whoosh of the sliding doors closing
    el soplido de las puertas corredizas al cerrarse
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Most electronic music is still founded on blips, bleeps, whooshes, and other ‘spacey’ sounds.
    • Or is it a triple CD packed full of interminable electronic bleeps and whooshes, both inaccessible and incomprehensible?
    • Even the instrumental is all atmospheric whooshes and no concrete melodies.

intransitive verb

  • the car whooshed past
    el coche pasó haciendo 'zuum'
    the water came whooshing out
    el agua salió en un chorro
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • And the channel rail link wasn't even a dream then, but now runs through a cutting at the bottom of the village, with trains whooshing past every half hour of so.
    • One of the persistent legends that attaches to Saville, is that, like the author Douglas Adams, he loves the sound of deadlines whooshing past.
    • I stopped talking, and relaxed in the cushy seat to hear the light whooshing sound of the train speeding along the track.
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