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wit 1

Inglés americano: /wɪt/
Inglés británico: /wɪt/


  • 1 (often plural) (intelligence) no one had the wit(s) to call the police
    nadie tuvo el tino or la inteligencia de llamar a la policía
    come on, use your wit(s) to be at one's wits' end
    estar desesperado
    no saber más qué hacer
    to drive somebody out of her/his wits [colloquial]
    sacar a alguien de quicio
    to frighten o scare somebody out of her/his wits [colloquial]
    darle a alguien un susto de muerte [colloquial]
    the poor child was scared out of its wits
    la pobre criatura estaba asustadísima
    to gather o collect one's wits
    (after shock, surprise) recuperarse
    (order one's thoughts) poner las ideas en orden
    to have/keep one's wits about one
    estar alerta or atento
    andar con mucho ojo
    to live by one's wits
    vivir de su ( or mi etc) ingenio
    to sharpen one's wits
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing.
    • Effectively using their wits and their wit for political advocacy, they wrote, directed, acted, or did voiceovers.
    • If not for my quick wits, she would probably be reading me Old Mother Hubbard by now.
  • 2 2.1 uncountable (humor) the play was full of wit
    la obra era muy ingeniosa
    she has a dry wit
    es muy aguda or mordaz
    his ready wit endeared him to all
    con sus agudezas or sus ocurrencias or su chispa se conquistó a todo el mundo
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • His acid wit and quick humour have made him a television star, but this summer Clive Anderson will return to his roots when he appears at the Edinburgh Fringe venue which helped launch his career.
    • Popular presenter Sue Sweeney brings her quick wit and comic humour to a new show on Saturdays starting at 9.00 am following the success of her Tuesday evening programme.
    • But equal to this was his quick wit and indomitable humour.
    2.2 countable (person)
    persona (feminine) ingeniosa or ocurrente
    ingenio (masculine)
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Hanahoe is a great wit and began the banter that day when congratulating Kerry on their 5-11 to 0-9 win.
    • As a feminist wit quipped in this regard, ‘Ginger did everything Fred did except backwards and in high heels!’
    • The wits who complained that it would clash with the home side's tangerine shirts had forgotten that the previous one came in the colours of Ayr.
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Hay 2 entradas en las que se traduce wit a español:

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wit 2

intransitive verb

  • to wit
    Oraciones de ejemplo
    • Given that the map on the right clearly says ‘Baghdad’ in the middle, I assume you're using that staple of British wit, to wit, ‘irony.’
    • I haven't time to answer him now, but I was interested in something one of his commenters said: to wit, that Social Security was put in place to replace the retirement savings of people who were wiped out in the 1929 crash.
    • The incursion of sectarian orthodoxy in Indian history involves two distinct problems, to wit, narrow sectarianism, and unreasoned orthodoxy.
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