'I' or 'me'
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Video: ‘I’ or ‘me’?


Sometimes it's hard to know when to use I and when to use me. Our video should help make it clearer. Find more information…

Random questions

Have you ever wondered whether a penguin is a bird, or whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? Here you'll find a collection of answers to peculiar questions.

Word origins

What's the origin of the phrase ‘to have an albatross around one’s neck’?

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Quote of the week

“Soon can mean in one second, Soon can mean in one year. Soon is a terrible word.”

Heinrich Böll


German novelist and short-story writer

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What do you call a group of ...?

Did you know that there are collective nouns for many different groups of animals and people? Learn more...

foreign words
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7 foreign words you need to know


While Caroline James has already challenged the belief that there’s anything like an untranslatable word, we nonetheless…

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11 tiger terms and phrases


Native to the forests of Asia, this feline has snuck its way into several common – and a few less common – terms and phrases…