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Definitely versus defiantly – is there a difference?


The simple answer to that question: yes, there's definitely a distinction between these words, but it's most unlikely that…

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Have you ever wondered whether a penguin is a bird, or whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? Here you'll find a collection of answers to peculiar questions.

What is the origin of the word 'zombie'?

From its West African voodoo origins to 20th-century pop culture - explore the history of the word 'zombie'.

Word of the day bogle
Pronunciation: ˈbəʊɡ(ə)l
a phantom or goblin

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Butterflies and worms: a linguistic look at pasta for World Pasta Day


Did you know that pasta had its own day? No? Well, 25 October 2014 is World Pasta Day. We’ve taken the opportunity to look…

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A closer look at hi-fi, sci-fi, DIY


Hi-fi, sci-fi, DIY. Three expressions which, for me, typify the late lamented twentieth century. Do-it-yourself The concept…