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auger_words beginning with n
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Apron, adder, and other words that used to begin with ‘n’…


The words app and nap might rhyme, but to say they sound exactly the same is quite clearly wrong. Well, it is quite clearly…

How are words built?

Have a look at our list of combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes together with their meanings and examples.


Commonly confused words

There are a lot of words in English that look or sound alike but have very different meanings. Here’s a quick-reference list of pairs of words that regularly cause people problems.

‘I’ or ‘me’?

The two personal pronouns ‘I’ and ‘me’ are often used wrongly. Here are some tips to help you get it right.


Get to grips with grammar

If you find grammatical terms confusing or hard to remember, this glossary of essential terms and clear definitions will help you.

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Definitely versus defiantly – is there a difference?


The simple answer to that question: yes, there's definitely a distinction between these words, but it's most unlikely that…

Word of the day prepotent
Pronunciation: prɪˈpəʊt(ə)nt
greater than others in power or influence