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back US Thesaurus

she's broken her back

laid-back US Thesaurus

you must try to be more laid-back

back-breaking US Thesaurus

shoveling wet snow is back-breaking work

cut back in cut US Thesaurus

if profits don't soon improve, we'll have to find ways to cut back

get back in get US Thesaurus

they should get back before dawn

hit back in hit US Thesaurus

if you're gonna come after me with lies and innuendo, I'm gonna hit back

pay back in pay US Thesaurus

she has sworn to pay him back for his philandering

put back in put US Thesaurus

he put the books back

set back in set1 US Thesaurus

the rains have set back the work on the bridge

sit back in sit US Thesaurus

sit back and listen to the music

back away in back US Thesaurus

there's no need to back away—he's a very gentle dog

back down in back US Thesaurus

all your begging is useless because I am not going to back down

come back in come US Thesaurus

are you coming back before dinner?

fall back in fall US Thesaurus

the troops were ordered to fall back

hold back in hold US Thesaurus

if you feel like singing, don't hold back

kick back in kick US Thesaurus

I just wanna kick back and watch some TV

pull back in pull US Thesaurus

the troops were ordered to pull back

turn back in turn US Thesaurus

just before boarding the ferry, Clint changed his mind and turned back

bring back in bring US Thesaurus

the smell brought back memories

choke back in choke US Thesaurus

we could see that he was choking back tears

fight back in fight US Thesaurus

if the enemy attacks, we will fight back

bounce back in bounce US Thesaurus

despite our optimistic predictions, sales never bounced back

go back on in go US Thesaurus

she went back on her promise

back out of in back US Thesaurus

Charlie's backed out of the original agreement

fall back on in fall US Thesaurus

I can always fall back on my career in landscaping

get back at in get US Thesaurus

she wasted years of her life thinking about getting back at her ex-husband

hark back to in hark US Thesaurus

why hark back to such unpleasant memories?

look back on in look US Thesaurus

those songs really make me look back on my college days

talk back to in talk US Thesaurus

nobody talks back to Mr. Lynde

back someone up in back US Thesaurus

I was surprised when it turned out to be Dina who backed me up

back something up in back US Thesaurus

can you back up that statement with any real evidence?

drop back/behind in drop US Thesaurus

he dropped back and was soon lost in the crowd

pat on the back in pat1 US Thesaurus

Lenny's fellow students were eager to pat him on the back for his amazing test scores

take someone back in take US Thesaurus

the dream took me back to Vienna

behind someone's back in back US Thesaurus

the takeover was planned behind the plant manager's back

keep something back in keep US Thesaurus

she kept back some of the money

knock something back in knock US Thesaurus

we can watch the game and knock back a few beers

stab in the back in stab US Thesaurus

just two months after I got her hired, she stabbed me in the back

take something back in take US Thesaurus

I take back every word

a slap on the back in slap US Thesaurus

he was always trying to earn a slap on the back from his stepfather