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-an US English

Forming adjectives and nouns, especially from:

an US English

The form of the indefinite article (see a) used before words beginning with a vowel sound

an-2 US English

Variant spelling of ad- assimilated before n (as in annihilate, annotate).

an-3 US English

Variant spelling of ana- shortened before a vowel (as in aneurysm).

an-1 US English

Variant spelling of a- before a vowel (as in anemia, anechoic).

a US English

Used when referring to someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation

an in a1 US English

Used when referring to someone or something for the first time in a text or conversation

a-1 US English

Not; without

Tai'an US English

A city in northeastern China, in Shandong province; population 698,200 (est. 2006)

Wang, An US English

(1920–90), US computer engineer; born in China. In 1948, he invented a magnetic core memory for computers. The founder of Wang Laboratories in 1951, he held 40 patents

an-Najaf US English

Another name for Najaf.

of an age US English

Old enough to be able or expected to do something

lay an egg US English

Be completely unsuccessful; fail badly

be an item US English

(Of a couple) be involved in an established romantic or sexual relationship

at an angle US English

In a direction or at an inclination markedly different from parallel, vertical, or horizontal with respect to an implicit baseline

an awful lot US English

A very large amount; a great deal

Ding an sich US English

(In Kant’s philosophy) a thing as it is in itself, not mediated through perception by the senses or conceptualization, and therefore unknowable

half an eye US English

Used in reference to a slight degree of perception or attention

lend an ear US English

Listen sympathetically or attentively

an open mind US English

The readiness to consider something without prejudice

an open book US English

A person or thing that is easy to understand or about which everything is known

deoch an doris US English

A final drink taken before parting

an early grave US English

A premature or untimely death

an early night US English

An occasion when someone goes to bed before the usual time

be at an end US English

Be finished or completed

an even break US English

A fair chance

that's an idea US English

That suggestion or proposal is worth considering

an itchy palm US English

An avaricious nature

of an evening US English

On most evenings (or mornings, etc.)

run an errand US English

Carry out an errand, typically on someone else’s behalf

within an ace of US English

Very close to

make an appearance US English

Attend an event briefly, typically out of courtesy

not blink an eye US English

Show no reaction

an old chestnut US English

A joke or story that has become tedious because of its age and constant repetition

go suck an egg US English

Used as an expression of anger or scorn

an end in itself US English

A goal that is pursued in its own right to the exclusion of others

make an end of US English

Cause (someone or something) to stop existing

put an end to US English

Cause someone or something to stop existing

make an entrance US English

(Of an actor or performer) come on stage

on an even keel US English

(Of a ship or aircraft) having the same draft forward and aft

have an eye for US English

Be able to recognize, appreciate, and make good judgments about

have an eye on US English

Keep under careful observation

have an eye to US English

Have (or having) as one’s objective

keep an eye out US English

Look out for something with particular attention

make an issue of US English

Treat too seriously or as a problem

an itching palm US English

An avaricious nature

not be an option US English

Not be feasible

an outside chance US English

A remote possibility

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