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Ab1 US English

(In the Jewish calendar) the eleventh month of the civil year and the fifth month of the religious year, usually coinciding with parts of July and August

Ab2 US English


AB1 US English

A human blood type (in the ABO system) containing both the A and B agglutinogens. In blood transfusion, a person with blood of this group is a potential universal recipient

AB2 US English

Able seaman; able-bodied seaman

ab- US English

Away; from

abs US English

The abdominal muscles

ab ovo US English

From the very beginning

ab extra US English

From without, from the outside.

ab initio US English

From the beginning (used chiefly in formal or legal contexts)

ab intra US English

From within, from the inside.

ab intestato US English

From an intestate person, by intestacy (used with reference to matters of succession or inheritance).

ab-usefulness US English

Capacity to be used improperly.

ab inconvenienti US English

From the inconvenience or difficulty involved (used with reference to an argument opposing a proposition on the grounds that it would cause hardship, inconvenience, or some other negative consequence).

ab urbe condita US English

After or from the date of the foundation of Rome, traditionally reckoned as 753 b.c.

ablow US English

= below.

abdabs US English

Nervous anxiety or irritation

abintestate US English

= ab intestato; (also occasionally) intestate, without having made a will.