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ACT US English

American College Test

act US English

Take action; do something

play the fool US English

Behave in a playful or silly way

be unable to punch one's way out of a paper bag US English

Be completely ineffectual or inept at the specified activity

act US Thesaurus

the government must act to remedy the situation

act up US English

(Of a thing) fail to function properly

act out US English

Misbehave, especially when unhappy or stressed

non-act US English

Something which is not an act; a failure to act.

one-act US English

Designating a play or other production consisting of only one act.

pre-act US English

And without object To act beforehand.

sex act US English

Any sexual act

act drop US English

A painted curtain or piece of scenery which is lowered between acts.

Act Term US English

The term in which the Act took place; Trinity term.

baby act US English

An act performed by a baby or young child; an act performed in an infantile manner; a babyish act.

Black Act US English

A severe law of 1723 (9 Geo. I. c. 22) against poaching, trespassing, etc.

class act US English

A person or thing displaying impressive and stylish excellence

game act US English

(Frequently with capital initials) any of various Acts of Parliament regulating the hunting or killing of game.

Mann Act US English

An act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1910 making it a federal offence to transport or induce a woman or minor across interstate boundaries for criminal sexual activity (specifically prostitution).

name act US English

(The act or stage performance of) a well-known entertainer, pop group, etc.

Place Act US English

Any of various Acts of Parliament excluding people holding office under the Crown from sitting in the House of Commons.

quota act US English

An act establishing by law a certain quota; (British History) the Cinematograph Films Act of 1927, designed to stimulate the British film industry by introducing a requirement for British cinemas to show a quota of British films.

Riot Act US English

A law passed by the British government in 1715 and repealed in 1967, designed to prevent civil disorder. The act made it a felony for an assembly of more than twelve people to refuse to disperse after being ordered to do so and having been read a specified section of the act by lawful authority

Stamp Act US English

An act of the British Parliament in 1756 that exacted revenue from the American colonies by imposing a stamp duty on newspapers and legal and commercial documents. Colonial opposition led to the act’s repeal in 1766 and helped encourage the revolutionary movement against the British Crown

Test Act US English

(In the UK) an act in force between 1673 and 1828 that made an oath of allegiance to the Church of England and the supremacy of the monarch as its head and repudiation of the doctrine of transubstantiation a condition of eligibility for public office

wire act US English

An acrobatic act performed on a tightrope or high wire.

Act Sermon US English

A sermon preached on Act Sunday.

Act Sunday US English

The Sunday during the Act on which two of the new Doctors of Divinity preached; the last Sunday of Act Term.

Alkali Act US English

Any of certain British Acts of Parliament regulating alkali manufacture and including controls on the emission by chemical works of harmful substances to the atmosphere.

double act US English

A performance involving two people

liberty act US English

A circus act performed by riderless horses.

method-act US English

(refl.), to identify oneself with a role according to the principles of method acting.

Perjury Act US English

A legislative act passed in 1911 dealing with the offence of perjury.

private Act US English

A British parliamentary Act affecting only the interests of a particular individual or small group of individuals (as a corporation, local area, etc.).

Probate Act US English

An act by a legislative body which relates to or governs the probate of wills, specifically the English Court of Probate Act 1857.

public act US English

An act of legislation affecting the public as a whole

Railway Act US English

A legislative act concerned with railways.

Reform Act US English

An act framed to amend the system of parliamentary representation, especially any of those introduced in Britain during the 19th century

speech act US English

An utterance considered as an action, particularly with regard to its intention, purpose, or effect

support act US English

A band, group, or performer functioning as a secondary act to another at a concert, etc.

terror act US English

An act of terrorism; an atrocity committed by a terrorist.

act of God US English

An instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation (often used in insurance claims)

adoptive Act US English

An Act of Parliament which does not come into force in a district until formally adopted by a local authority or other public body.

balancing act US English

An action or activity that requires a delicate balance between different situations or requirements

character-act US English

To perform as a character actor; to act in a consciously unconventional or idiosyncratic manner.

enabling act US English

A statute empowering a person or body to take certain action, especially to make regulations, rules, or orders

Homestead Act US English

See homestead.

juggling act US English

An attempt to deal with several conflicting situations, requirements, or pressures at the same time

Marriage Act US English

Any act of legislature regulating marriages.

notarial act US English

An act or instrument drawn up by a notary (see act.

Poynings' Act US English

= Poynings' Law.

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