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Alps US English

A mountain system in Europe that extends in a curve from the coast of southeastern France through northwestern Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, southern Germany, and Austria, into Slovenia. The highest peak, Mont Blanc, rises to a height of 15,771 feet (4,807 m)

alp US English

A high mountain, especially a snowcapped one

Carnic Alps US English

A range of the Alps on the border of southern Austria and northeastern Italy that reaches 9,124 feet (2,781 m) at Monte Coglians (Hohe Warte). German name Karnische Alpen

Julian Alps US English

An Alpine range in western Slovenia and northeastern Italy. The highest peak is Triglav

Dinaric Alps US English

A mountain range in the Balkans that runs parallel to the Adriatic coast from Slovenia in the northwest, through Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro, to Albania in the southeast

Maritime Alps US English

The southern sector of the western division of the Alps, extending along the French–Italian border between the Côte d'Azur and the Cottian Alps.

Southern Alps US English

A mountain range on South Island, New Zealand. Running roughly parallel to the west coast, it extends for almost the entire length of the island. Mount Cook, its highest peak, rises to 12,349 feet (3,764 m)

Noric Alps in Noric US English

Of or relating to Noricum, an ancient Celtic kingdom and later Roman province in Western Europe whose borders roughly corresponded to present-day Austria.