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b US English


B1 US English

The second letter of the alphabet

B2 US English

(Used in recording moves in chess) bishop

b in B1 US English

The second letter of the alphabet

B in B1 US English

The seventh note of the diatonic scale of C major

barn2 US English

A unit of area, 10-28 square meters, used especially in particle physics

b in barn2 US English

A unit of area, 10-28 square meters, used especially in particle physics

boron US English

The chemical element of atomic number 5, a nonmetallic solid

B in boron US English

The chemical element of atomic number 5, a nonmetallic solid

b. in b US English

Born (used to indicate a date of birth)

B & B US English

Bed and breakfast

B & E US English

Breaking and entering

B & S US English

A dance held for single people, typically in a rural area

b/w US English

Black and white (used especially to describe printing, movies, photographs, or television pictures)

R & B US English

short for rhythm and blues.

b-boy US English

A young man involved with hip-hop culture

b-day US English

Short for birthday.

plan B US English

An alternative strategy

b-ball US English


B cell US English

A lymphocyte not processed by the thymus gland, and responsible for producing antibodies

B-mode US English

A mode of operation or functioning that is second in a group of two or more; specifically the mode of operation in B-scan ultrasound imaging; frequently attributive.

B-scan US English

A radar or ultrasound scan in which the echo signals are used to modify the brightness of a spot on an oscilloscope screen, so that a two-dimensional cross-sectional image can be built up from multiple scans; an image obtained by such a scan.

B-side US English

The less important side of a pop single record

B-tree US English

An organizational structure for information storage and retrieval in the form of a tree in which all terminal nodes are the same distance from the base, and all nonterminal nodes have between n and 2n subtrees or pointers (where n is an integer)

Mrs B. US English

= Mrs Beeton.

rite B US English

(In the Church of England) a Eucharistic service using English typical of the 16th cent., after the Book of Common Prayer.

Type B US English

A personality type characterized as easygoing and thought to have low susceptibility to stress

B-movie US English

A low-budget movie, especially (formerly) one made for use as a companion to the main attraction in a double feature

B-double US English

A medium-sized articulated truck consisting of a towing vehicle and two semi-trailers

B-picture US English

Another term for B-movie.

B-school US English

Business school

Linear B US English

A form of Bronze Age writing discovered on tablets in Crete, dating from circa 1400 to 1200 bc. In 1952, it was shown to be a syllabic script composed of linear signs, derived from Linear A and older Minoan scripts, representing a form of Mycenaean Greek

M and B US English

A pharmaceutical preparation originally marketed by the firm May and Baker, especially M & B 693 noun the antibiotic sulphapyridine. Also, with distinguishing number: any of other pharmaceutical preparations manufactured by May and Baker.

vitamin B US English

Any of a group of substances (the vitamin B complex) that are essential for the working of certain enzymes in the body and, although not chemically related, are generally found together in the same foods. They include thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)

Zyklon B US English

Hydrogen cyanide adsorbed on or released from a carrier in the form of small tablets, used as an insecticidal fumigant and by the Nazis for killing concentration-camp prisoners

King, B. B. US English

(1925–2015), US blues singer and guitarist; born Riley B. King. An established blues performer, he came to the notice of a wider audience in the late 1960s, when his style of guitar playing was imitated by rock musicians

B-scanning US English

The action or process of performing an ultrasound B-scan.

hepatitis B US English

A severe form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood, causing fever, debility, and jaundice

B'nai B'rith US English

A Jewish organization founded in New York in 1843. It pursues educational, humanitarian, and cultural activities and attempts to safeguard the rights and interests of Jews around the world

B chromosome US English

A chromosome reckoned as the second in various classifications; now disused.

B lymphocyte US English

Another term for B cell.

Lag b'Omer US English

A Jewish festival held on the 33rd day of the Omer (the period between Passover and Pentecost), traditionally regarded as celebrating the end of a plague in the 2nd century

White, E. B. US English

(1899–1985), US writer; full name Elwyn Brooks White. He was a chief contributor to The New Yorker magazine from 1926 and Harper’s magazine 1938–43 and the author of the children’s classics Stuart Little (1945), Charlotte’s Web (1952), and The Trumpet of the Swan (1970). White is also known for his 1959 revision of William Strunk Jr’s. The Elements of Style

from A to B US English

From one’s starting point to one’s destination

Bennett, R. B. US English

(1870–1947), Canadian Conservative statesman; prime minister 1930–35; full name Richard Bedford Bennett

non-A non-B US English

Not caused by or associated with the hepatitis A and B viruses; (originally) specifically designating the type of viral hepatitis that was subsequently identified as hepatitis C.

Skinner, B. F. US English

(1904–90), US behaviorist psychologist; full name Burrhus Frederic Skinner. He promoted the view that the proper aim of psychology should be to predict behavior and hence be able to control it. He applied the results of his studies to the development of programmed learning and to educational practice

Anthony, Susan B. US English

(1820–1906), US social reformer and leader of the woman suffrage movement.; full name Susan Brownell Anthony. She traveled, lectured, and campaigned throughout her life for women’s rights. With Elizabeth Cady Stanton, she organized the National Woman Suffrage Association in 1869. With Stanton and Matilda Joslyn Gage, she compiled the History of Woman Suffrage (1881–1902)

Brady, Mathew B. US English

(Circa 1823–96) US photographer. The publication of his Gallery of Illustrious Americans (1850) established him as a leading US photographer, and his photographs of the Union armies taken during the Civil War became the basis for his National Photographic Collection

Mayer, Louis B. US English

(1885–1957), US movie executive, born in Russia; full name Louis Burt Mayer; born Eliezer Mayer. He headed the MGM movie company from its formation in1924 until 1951

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