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Cancer US English

A constellation (the Crab), said to represent a crab crushed under the foot of Hercules. It is most noted for the globular star cluster of Praesepe (the Beehive cluster)

cancer US English

The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body

a Cancer in Cancer US English

A person born when the sun is in the sign of Cancer

cancer stick US English

A cigarette

cancer cluster US English

A geographic area with a statistically higher than average occurrence of cancer among its residents

tropic US English

The parallel of latitude 23°26ʹ north tropic of Cancer or south tropic of Capricorn of the equator

tropic1 US English

The parallel of latitude 23°26ʹ north tropic of Cancer or south tropic of Capricorn of the equator

Cancer magister in Dungeness crab US English

A large crab found off the west coast of North America, where it is popular as food

Cancer pagurus in edible crab US English

A large pinkish-brown European crab with black-tipped pincers, typically found in inshore waters and caught for food

Cancer New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

fourth sign of the zodiac

cancer US Thesaurus

most skin cancers are curable if detected early

cáncer in Cáncer Spanish-English

Cancerian, Cancer

cancer stick English-Spanish

pitillo masculinecolloquial/familiar, pucho masculine

cervical cancer English-Spanish

cáncer, cáncer

cancer-causing English-Spanish


cancer research English-Spanish


trópico de Cáncer Spanish-English

tropic of Cancer

trópico de Cáncer Spanish-English

tropic of Cancer

cancer victims in victim English-Spanish

víctimas del cáncer

he died of cancer in die English-Spanish

(se) murió de cáncer

the battle against inflation/cancer in battle English-Spanish

la lucha contra la inflación/el cáncer

a cancer in our society in cancer English-Spanish

un cáncer de nuestra sociedad

to screen sb for cancer in screen English-Spanish

someter a algn a un chequeo para el diagnóstico precoz del cáncer

estaba cundida de cáncer in cundido Spanish-English

she was riddled with cancer

she was riddled with cancer in riddle English-Spanish

tenía cáncer por todo el cuerpo, estaba cundida de cáncer Mexico/México

le diagnosticaron un cáncer in diagnosticar Spanish-English

he was diagnosed as having cancer

doctors are testing for cancer in test English-Spanish

los médicos están haciendo análisis para determinar si hay cáncer

the Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn in tropic English-Spanish

el trópico de Cáncer/Capricornio

tenía muy avanzado el cáncer in avanzado Spanish-English

his cancer had reached a very advanced stage

Cancer comes between Gemini and Leo in come English-Spanish

Cáncer está entre Géminis y Leo

tiene el cáncer ya muy extendido in extendido Spanish-English

the cancer has already spread throughout his body

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