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Col. US English


col. US English


col US English

The lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another

col- US English

Variant spelling of com- assimilated before l (as in collocate, collude).

com- US English

With; together; jointly; altogether

col- in com- US English

With; together; jointly; altogether

col legno US English

(Of a passage of music for a bowed instrument) played by hitting the strings with the back of the bow

Lt. Col. US English

Lieutenant colonel

coltan US English

A dull metallic mineral composed of columbite and tantalite, and refined to produce tantalum

cool-trough US English

A trough of cold water used by a blacksmith to cool hot iron.

Col. H. H. Godwin-Austen in K2 US English

The highest mountain in the Karakoram range, on the border between Pakistan and China. The second highest peak in the world, it rises to 28,250 feet (8,611 m). It was discovered in 1856 and named K2 because it was the second peak to be surveyed in the Karakoram range. It was formerly known as Mount Godwin-Austen after Col. H. H. Godwin-Austen (1834–1923), who first surveyed it