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Contra US English

A member of a guerrilla force in Nicaragua that opposed the left-wing Sandinista government 1979–90, and was supported by the US for much of that time. It was officially disbanded in 1990, after the Sandinistas' electoral defeat

contra- US English

Against; opposite; contrasting

contra mundum US English

Defying or opposing everyone else

contra proferentem US English

(Of the interpretation of an ambiguous contract) against the party which proposed or drafted the contract or clause

per contra US English

On the other hand; on the contrary

e contra US English

On the other hand, on the contrary; in return. Now chiefly US_Law.

contra-rotating US English

Rotating in the opposite direction or in opposite directions, especially about the same shaft

pro et contra US English

‘For and against’; = pro and contra.

Iran–Contra affair US English

A political scandal of 1987 involving the covert sale by the US of arms to Iran. The proceeds of the arms sales were used by officials to give arms to the anticommunist Contras in Nicaragua, despite congressional prohibition

contrabass US English

another term for double bass.

contraflow US English

A temporary arrangement where traffic on a road is transferred from its usual side to share the other half of the carriageway with traffic moving in the opposite direction

contrabassoon US English

A bassoon that is larger and longer than the normal type and sounds an octave lower in pitch

contrafactual US English

Another term for counterfactual.

contradistinction US English

Distinction made by contrasting the different qualities of two things

contrasuggestible US English

Tending to respond to a suggestion by believing or doing the contrary

Irangate US English

Another term for the Iran–Contra affair.