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e US English

An electron

E1 US English

The fifth letter of the alphabet

E2 US English


E3 US English


e-2 US English

Denoting something in electronic form, especially the use of electronic data transfer for information exchange and financial transactions via the Internet

e-1 US English

Variant spelling of ex- (as in elect, emit).

e in e US English

An electron

e in E1 US English

The fifth letter of the alphabet

E in E1 US English

A shape like that of a capital E

E- in e-2 US English

Denoting something in electronic form, especially the use of electronic data transfer for information exchange and financial transactions via the Internet

ex-1 US English

Out; outside of

e- in ex-1 US English

Forming verbs expressing inducement of a state

A & E US English

Accident and emergency (hospital department providing immediate treatment to people who are injured or taken ill)

B & E US English

Breaking and entering

e'en2 US English

Scottish form of even.

big E US English

(With the) a personal rejection or rebuff, especially insensitively or unceremoniously conveyed; the abrupt breaking off of a (romantic) relationship; frequently in to give (a person) the big E = to give (a person) the elbow.

E-day US English

The day of official adoption of the euro as currency; specifically 1 January 2002, the day on which the euro became the sole official currency of the first countries to participate in European Monetary Union.

e-fit US English

An electronic picture of the face of a person being sought by the police, created by a computer program from composite photographs of facial features

e-ink US English

A type of electronic display for text that is intended to imitate the appearance of printed ink, typically used in e-readers

e-bike US English

A bicycle that can be run on electric power as well as by pedaling

E-boat US English

A German torpedo boat used in World War II

e-book US English

An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose

e-card US English

A digital version of a greeting card, typically accessed by the recipient via a hyperlink in an email

e-cash US English

Electronic financial transactions conducted in cyberspace via computer networks

e-shop US English

A website or application by means of which goods or services are sold over the Internet

e-skin US English

= electronic skin.

e-toll US English

A system for collecting road-toll payments electronically; the charge levied for such a toll.

e-vite US English

An invitation sent by email

e-zine US English

A magazine published only in electronic form on a computer network

maki-e US English

A Japanese form of (especially gold or silver) lacquer or lacquerware.

sumi-e US English

Japanese ink painting using sumi

E. coli US English

A bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals, where it usually causes no harm. Some strains can cause severe food poisoning, especially in old people and children

e-crime US English

Another term for cybercrime.

E layer US English

A layer of the ionosphere able to reflect medium-frequency radio waves

e-money US English

= e-cash.

E-plane US English

The plane of the electric field in a rectangular waveguide; frequently attributive, especially designating a T-shaped junction of two rectangular waveguides in which one is joined across the width of the other (so that the stem and crosspiece of the T are in different planes).

e-sport US English

A multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers

e-waste US English

Discarded electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions

ukiyo-e US English

A school of Japanese art depicting subjects from everyday life, dominant in the 17th-19th centuries

e-banking US English

A method of banking in which the customer conducts transactions electronically via the Internet

e-billing US English

The practice by which invoices or bills are electronically delivered or presented to customers, rather than being sent by mail

e-content US English

Text and images designed for display on web pages

e contra US English

On the other hand, on the contrary; in return. Now chiefly US_Law.

e-dating US English

Another term for online dating.

e-edition US English

A digital edition of a printed book, newspaper, or journal, which can be read on a computer or mobile device

E-number US English

A code number preceded by the letter E, denoting food additives numbered in accordance with EU directives

e-reader US English

A handheld device on which electronic versions of books, newspapers, magazines, etc., can be read

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