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European US English

Of, relating to, or characteristic of Europe or its inhabitants

cormorant US English

A large diving bird with a long neck, long hooked bill, short legs, and mainly dark plumage. It typically breeds on coastal cliffs and is noted for its voracious appetite

fan palm US English

A palm with large, lobed, fan-shaped leaves

larch US English

A coniferous tree with bunches of deciduous bright green needles, found in cool regions of the northern hemisphere. It is grown for its tough timber and its resin (which yields turpentine)

starling US English

A gregarious Old World songbird with a straight bill, typically with dark lustrous or iridescent plumage but sometimes brightly colored

yew US English

A coniferous tree that has red berrylike fruits, and most parts of which are highly poisonous. Yews are linked with folklore and superstition and can live to a great age; the timber is used in cabinetmaking and (formerly) to make longbows

European plan US English

A system of charging for a hotel room only, without meals

Indo-European US English

Of or relating to the family of languages spoken over the greater part of Europe and Asia as far as northern India

non-European US English

Not European

pro-European US English

(Of a person, attitude, or policy) favoring or supporting closer links with the European Union

European Union US English

An economic and political association of European countries as a unit with internal free trade and common external tariffs

Middle European US English

Relating to central Europe or its people

European Community US English

An economic and political association of certain European countries, incorporated since 1993 in the European Union

European Council US English

A grouping of the heads of government of the European Union countries, inaugurated in 1975, which meets two or three times a year

European kitchen US English

A compact kitchen with fitted cabinets and appliances, usually white

European Commission US English

A group, appointed by agreement among the governments of the European Union, which initiates Union action and safeguards its treaties. It meets in Brussels

European Parliament US English

The Parliament of the European Community, originally established in 1952. From 1958 to 1979 it was composed of representatives drawn from the parliaments of member countries, but since 1979 direct elections have taken place every five years. Through the Single European Act (1987) it assumed a degree of sovereignty over national parliaments. The European Parliament meets in Strasbourg, and its committee is in Brussels

Central European Time US English

The standard time based on the mean solar time at the meridian 15° E, used in central and western continental Europe. It is one hour ahead of GMT

European Space Agency US English

An organization set up in 1975 to coordinate the national space programs of the collaborating countries. It is based in Paris

Proto-Indo-European US English

The unrecorded language from which all Indo-European languages are hypothesized to derive

Single European Act US English

A treaty providing for the establishment of a single European market from 1 January 1993, and giving greater powers to the European Parliament. It came into force on 1 July 1987

European Investment Bank US English

A bank set up in 1958 by the Treaty of Rome to finance capital investment projects promoting the balanced development of members of the European Community. It is based in Luxembourg

European Monetary System US English

A monetary system inaugurated by the European Community in 1979 to coordinate and stabilize the exchange rates of the currencies of member countries, as a prelude to monetary union. It is based on the use of the Exchange Rate Mechanism

European Monetary Union US English

A European Union program intended to work toward full economic unity in Europe based on the phased introduction of a common currency (originally, the ECU). The program was announced in 1989; the second stage came into effect on January 1, 1994 under the terms of the Maastricht Treaty, and in 2002 the euro replaced the currencies of twelve European Union countries

Western European Union US English

An association formed in 1955 from the former Western Union, with the addition of Italy and West Germany, chiefly in order to coordinate defence and promote economic cooperation

dead white European male US English

A writer, philosopher, or other significant figure whose importance and talents may have been exaggerated by virtue of his belonging to a historically dominant gender and ethnic group

European Court of Justice US English

An institution of the European Union, with thirteen judges appointed by its member governments, meeting in Luxembourg. Established in 1958, it exists to safeguard the law in the interpretation and application of Community treaties

European Economic Community US English

An institution of the European Union, an economic association of western European countries set up by the Treaty of Rome (1957). The original members were France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg

European Recovery Program US English

Official name for the Marshall Plan.

European Atomic Energy Community US English

An institution established in 1957 to aid the exploitation of nuclear discoveries in Europe

European Free Trade Association US English

A customs union of western European countries, established in 1960 as a trade grouping without the political implications of the European Economic Community. The original members were Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK

European Coal and Steel Community US English

An organization established in 1952 to regulate pricing, transport, and tariffs for the coal and steel industries of the member countries

European Court of Human Rights US English

An institution of the Council of Europe, set up to protect human rights in conjunction with the European Commission for Human Rights. The Court, based in Strasbourg, is called to give judgement in cases where the Commission has failed to secure a settlement

European Commission for Human Rights US English

An institution of the Council of Europe, set up to examine complaints of alleged breaches of the Convention. It is based in Strasbourg

European Convention on Human Rights US English

An international agreement set up by the Council of Europe in 1950 to protect human rights. Under the Convention were established the European Commission for Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights

Organization for European Economic Cooperation US English

An organization established in 1948 by sixteen western European countries to promote trade and stability. It was replaced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 1961

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development US English

A bank established in London in 1991 to help the former communist countries of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union make the transition to the free-market system

ash tree in ash2 US English

A tree with silver-gray bark and compound leaves. The ash is widely distributed throughout north temperate regions where it can form forests

hake US English

A large-headed elongated fish with long jaws and strong teeth. It is a valuable commercial food fish

mink US English

A small, semiaquatic, stoatlike carnivore native to North America and Eurasia. The American mink is widely farmed for its fur, resulting in its becoming naturalized in many parts of Europe

mole1 US English

A small burrowing insectivorous mammal with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes

alder US English

A widely distributed tree of the birch family that has toothed leaves and bears male catkins and woody female cones

beech US English

A large tree with smooth gray bark, glossy leaves, and hard, pale, fine-grained timber. Its fruit, the beechnut, is an important food for numerous wild birds and mammals

otter US English

A semiaquatic fish-eating mammal of the weasel family, with an elongated body, dense fur, and webbed feet

polecat US English

A weasel-like Eurasian mammal (genus Mustela, family Mustelidae) with mainly dark brown fur and a darker mask across the eyes, noted for ejecting a fetid fluid when threatened

rabbit US English

A burrowing, gregarious, plant-eating mammal with long ears, long hind legs, and a short tail

serin US English

A small Eurasian and North African finch related to the canary, with a short bill and typically streaky plumage

souslik US English

A short-tailed ground squirrel native to Eurasia and the Arctic

wigeon US English

A dabbling duck with mainly reddish-brown and gray plumage, the male having a whistling call

barberry US English

A thorny shrub that bears yellow flowers and red or blue-black berries

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