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Franco- US English

French; French and ...

Franco, Francisco US English

(1892–1975), Spanish general and dictator; head of state 1939–75. Leader of the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, he became head of the Falange Party in 1937 and proclaimed himself Caudillo (“leader”) of Spain. With the defeat of the republic in 1939, he took control of the government and established a dictatorship that ruled Spain until his death

Zeffirelli, Franco US English

(1923-), Italian movie and theater director; born Gianfranco Corsi. His operatic productions are noted for the opulence of their sets and costumes. Notable movies: Romeo and Juliet (1968), Hamlet (1990), and Tea with Mussolini (1999)

Franco-Prussian War US English

The war of 1870–71 between France (under Napoleon III) and Prussia, in which Prussian troops advanced into France and decisively defeated the French at Sedan. The defeat marked the end of the French Second Empire. For Prussia, the proclamation of the new German Empire at Versailles was the climax of Bismarck’s ambitions to unite Germany