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George US English

The name of four kings of Great Britain and Ireland, one of Great Britain and Ireland (from 1920, of the United Kingdom), and one of the United Kingdom

George, Lake US English

A resort lake in northeastern New York, northeast of Albany, near the Vermont border, scene of many 18th-century military actions

George, St. US English

Patron saint of England. He is reputed in legend to have slain a dragon and may have been martyred near Lydda in Palestine some time before the reign of Constantine. Feast day, April 23

Best, George US English

(1946–2005), Northern Irish footballer. A winger for Manchester United, he was named European Footballer of the Year in 1968

Bush, George US English

(1924-), 41st president of the US 1989–93; full name George Herbert Walker Bush. A Texas Republican, he served in the US House of Representatives 1967–71 and as director of the CIA 1976–77. His presidency was preceded by two terms as Ronald Reagan’s vice president 1981–89. As president, Bush negotiated further arms reductions with the former Soviet Union and organized international action to expel the Iraqis from Kuwait following the invasion in 1990

Fox, George US English

(1624–91), English preacher and founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers)

George Town US English

The capital of the Cayman Islands, on the island of Grand Cayman; population 28,000 (est. 2007)

Sand, George US English

(1804–76), French novelist; pseudonym of Amandine-Aurore Lucille Dupin, Baronne Dudevant. Her earlier novels, including Lélia (1833), portray women’s struggles against conventional morals; she later wrote a number of pastoral novels, such as La Mare au diable (1846). Sand had a ten-year affair with Chopin

Wade, George US English

(1673–1748), English soldier. He was responsible for the construction of a network of roads and bridges in the Scottish Highlands to facilitate government control of the Jacobite clans after the 1715 uprising

Blanda, George US English

(1927-), US football player; full name George Frederick Blanda. He scored 2,002 points in professional football, chiefly as a placekicker. He played the most games (340) for the most seasons (26). Football Hall of Fame (1981)

Boole, George US English

(1815–64), English mathematician; responsible for Boolean algebra. The study of mathematical or symbolic logic developed mainly from his ideas

Borrow, George US English

(1803–81), English writer; full name George Henry Borrow. His travels with Gypsies provided material for the picaresque narrative Lavengro (1851) and its sequel The Romany Rye (1857)

Brett, George US English

(1953-), US baseball player. Playing for the Kansas City Royals 1973–93, he was the American League batting champion in three different decades (1976, 1980, 1990). Baseball Hall of Fame (1999)

Burns, George US English

(1896–1996), US comedian and movie actor; born Nathan Birnbaum. In 1922, he paired up with comedienne Gracie Allen (circa 1902–64), whom he married in 1926. They had shows in vaudeville, on radio, and later on television. Notable movies: The Sunshine Boys (1975) and Oh God! (1977)

Carey, George US English

(1935-), English Anglican churchman; archbishop of Canterbury 1991–2002; full name George Leonard Carey

Crabbe, George US English

(1754–1832), English poet, best known for grimly realistic narrative poems, such as ‘The Village’ (1783) and ‘The Borough’ (1810); the latter included tales of Peter Grimes and Ellen Orford and later provided the subject matter for Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes (1945)

Crook, George US English

(1829–90), US army officer. He served during the Civil War and then fought against Indians in the northwest. He was defeated by Crazy Horse in 1876 but went on to fight against the Apaches under Geronimo 1882–85

Dewey, George US English

(1837–1917), US naval officer. Appointed commodore of the navy in 1896, he was the hero of the battle of Manila Bay in the Philippines in 1898 during the Spanish-American War

Eliot, George US English

(1819–80), English novelist; pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans. Her novels of provincial life are characterized by their exploration of moral problems and their development of the psychological analysis that marks the modern novel. Notable works: Adam Bede (1859), The Mill on the Floss (1860), and Middlemarch (1871–72)

Formby, George US English

(1904–61), English comedian; born George Booth. He became famous for his numerous musical films in the 1930s in which he played a Lancashire working lad and accompanied his songs on the ukulele

Gamow, George US English

(1904–68), US physicist; born in Russia. A proponent of the Big Bang theory, he also suggested the triplet code of bases in DNA, which governs the synthesis of amino acids

George Cross US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a decoration for bravery awarded especially to civilians, instituted in 1940 by King George VI and taking precedence over all other medals and decorations except the Victoria Cross

George Medal US English

(In the UK and Commonwealth countries) a medal for bravery awarded especially to civilians, instituted with the George Cross in 1940

Grivas, George US English

(1898–1974), Greek Cypriot patriot and soldier; full name George Theodorou Grivas. A supporter of the union of Cyprus with Greece, he led the guerrilla campaign against British rule which culminated in the country’s independence in 1959

Grosz, George US English

(1893–1959), German painter and draughtsman. His satirical drawings and paintings characteristically depict a decadent society in which gluttony and depraved sensuality are juxtaposed with poverty and disease

Halas, George US English

(1895–1983), US football player, coach, and owner; known as Papa Bear; full name George Stanley Halas. He founded the Chicago Bears (originally as the Decatur Staleys) in 1920. As a coach, he set an NFL record with 324 wins. Football Hall of Fame (1963)

Inness, George US English

(1825–94) US artist. His early work, such as Peace and Plenty (1865), was related to the Hudson River School. Later, he painted in a more personal, romantic style such as in The Home of the Heron (1893)

Kennan, George US English

(1904–2005) US writer and diplomat; full name George Frost Kennan. Considered the chief architect of the US containment policy against the Soviet Union, he held ambassadorships to the Soviet Union 1952 and to Yugoslavia 1961–63. He wrote Russia Leaves the War (1956), The Decision to Intervene (1958), Memoirs: 1925–1950 (1967), Memoirs: 1950–1963 (1972), and The Cloud of Danger (1977)

Lucas, George US English

(1944-), US movie director, producer, and screenwriter. He wrote, directed, and produced the science fiction movie Star Wars (1977) and then went on to write and produce The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return of the Jedi (1983), and Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). He also wrote and produced the “Indiana Jones” series of movies (1981–2008)

Meade, George US English

(1815–72), US army officer; born in Spain to American parents; full name George Gordon Meade. A veteran of the Mexican War, he commanded the Army of the Potomac 1863–65 during the Civil War. He is most noted for his victory at Gettysburg in 1863

Meany, George US English

(1894–1980), US labor leader. He served as president of the AFL-CIO 1955–79

Monck, George US English

1st Duke of Albemarle (1608–70), English general. Concerned at the growing unrest following Cromwell’s death (1658), he negotiated the return of Charles II in 1660

Moore, George US English

(1852–1933), Irish novelist; full name George Augustus Moore. Notable works: A Mummer’s Wife (1885) and Esther Waters (1894)

Nepia, George US English

(1905–86), New Zealand rugby union player. He played a record thirty-eight consecutive matches for his country (1929–30)

Orwell, George US English

(1903–50), British novelist and essayist, born in India; pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair. His work is characterized by his concern about social injustice. His best-known works are Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)

Patton, George US English

(1885–1945), US army general; full name George Smith Patton, Jr. During World War II, he commanded the ground forces in the Allied invasion of northwest Africa 1942–43, the US Seventh Army in the Allied invasion of Sicily 1943, and the US Third Army in the drive through France 1944. His story was told in the movie Patton (1971)

Romney, George1 US English

(1734–1802), English portrait painter. From the early 1780s, he produced more than 50 portraits of Lady Hamilton in historical costumes

Romney, George2 US English

(1907–95), US businessman and politician, born in Mexico, the father of Mitt Romney; full name George Wilcken Romney. He was president of American Motors 1954–62, governor of Michigan 1963–69, and US secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1969–72

Saint George US English

A historic resort city in southwestern Utah, near the Arizona border; population 72,718 (est. 2008)

Shiras, George US English

Jr. (1832–1924), US Supreme Court associate justice 1892–1903. He was appointed to the Court by President Benjamin Harrison

Smoot, George US English

(1945-), US astrophysicist; full name George Fitzgerald Smoot III. His work with John C. Mather on the COBE project advanced the study of the Big Bang theory. Nobel Prize for Physics (2006), shared with Mather

Stubbs, George US English

(1724–1806), English painter and engraver. He is particularly noted for his sporting scenes and paintings of horses and lions, such as the Mares and Foals in a Landscape series (circa 1760–70)

Berkeley, George US English

(1685–1753), Irish philosopher and bishop. He argued that material objects exist only by being perceived

Canning, George US English

(1770–1827), British Tory statesman, Prime Minister 1827. After two periods as Foreign Secretary he succeeded Lord Liverpool as Prime Minister but died shortly afterwards

Chapman, George US English

(Circa 1560–1634), English poet and dramatist. He is chiefly known for his translations of Homer; the complete Iliad and Odyssey were published in 1616

Clinton, George US English

(1739–1812), US politician. He was governor of New York 1777–95, 1801–04 and vice president of the US 1805–12

Eastman, George US English

(1854–1932), US inventor and manufacturer of photographic equipment. He invented flexible roll film that is coated with light-sensitive emulsion and, in 1888, the Kodak camera for use with it

Farquhar, George US English

(1678–1707), Irish playwright. He was a principal figure in Restoration comedy. Notable works: The Recruiting Officer (1706) and The Beaux' Stratagem (1707)

Foreman, George US English

(1949-), US boxer. Having held the world heavyweight championship 1973–74, he regained the title in 1994–95, becoming the oldest man to do so

Gershwin, George US English

(1898–1937), US composer and pianist; born Jacob Gershovitz. He achieved success in 1919 with the song “Swanee” and went on to compose many successful songs and musicals, as well as Rhapsody in Blue (1924) and An American in Paris (1928) for orchestra and an opera, Porgy and Bess (1935). The lyrics for many of these were written by his brother Ira Gershwin (1896–1983)

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