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INS US English

Immigration and Naturalization Service

in US English

A position of influence

the ins and outs US English

All the details (of something)

go-in US English

Frequently with at. An attack, an onslaught; a quarrel, an argument; a ‘set-to’. Compare run-in. Chiefly Australian in later use.

add-in US English

A device or piece of software that can be added to a computer to give extra features or functions

buy-in US English

A purchase of shares by a broker after a seller has failed to deliver similar shares, the original seller being charged any difference in cost

call-in US English

A radio or television program during which the listeners or viewers telephone the studio and participate

cave-in US English

A collapse of a roof or similar structure, typically underground

cut-in US English

A shot in a movie that is edited into another shot or scene

die-in US English

A demonstration in which people lie down as if dead

fade-in US English

A filmmaking and broadcasting technique whereby an image is made to appear gradually or the volume of sound is gradually increased from zero

fan-in US English

The number of inputs that can be connected to a circuit

feed-in US English

Designating payments made by energy providers for electricity supplied to the network by households or businesses equipped with renewable energy technology; of or relating to such payments.

fill-in US English

A person or thing acting or serving in place of another; a substitute

fly-in US English

A meeting for pilots who arrive by air

hand-in US English

The person who is serving the ball.

lead-in US English

An introduction or preamble that allows one to move smoothly on to the next part of something

live-in US English

A person who shares another’s living accommodations as a sexual partner or as an employee

lock-in US English

An arrangement according to which a person or company is obliged to deal only with a specific company

look-in US English

A short pass pattern in which the receiver runs diagonally toward the center of the field

love-in US English

A gathering or party at which people are encouraged to express feelings of friendship and physical attraction, associated with the hippies of the 1960s

mail-in US English

The act of sending something in by post. Frequently attributive, especially designating ballots, surveys, etc., in which results are collected by post. Also concrete: an item intended to be sent in by post.

newing US English

Now in plural A new thing, a novelty; (sometimes with singular concord) news, something new. Frequently in negative contexts, especially in to be no newings: to be nothing new.

plug-in US English

A plug-in module or plug-in software

pre-in US English

A European Union nation uncommitted to membership of a single European currency. Also attributive: of or relating to such a nation.

pull-in US English

An area at the side of the road where motorists may pull off the road and stop

rave-in US English

A large, rowdy, open party.

ring-in US English

A horse or an athlete fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event

run-in US English

A disagreement or fight, especially with someone in an official position

sell-in US English

The sale of goods to retail traders prior to public retailing

shoo-in US English

A person or thing that is certain to succeed, especially someone who is certain to win a competition

shut-in US English

A person confined indoors, especially as a result of physical or mental disability

sit-in US English

A form of protest in which demonstrators occupy a place, refusing to leave until their demands are met

step-in US English

A pair of step-in shoes; slip-ons

tap-in US English

A relatively easy, close-range putt, shot, or tap of the ball into the goal or hole

tie-in US English

A connection or association

tip-in US English

A score made by tipping a rebound into the basket

tuck-in US English

A large meal

walk-in US English

A walk-in customer or a walk-in storage area

work-in US English

A form of protest, especially in response to threatened closure or redundancy, in which workers occupy the workplace and continue working, typically to demonstrate the value or continuing viability of their work.

break-in US English

A forced or unconsented entry into a building, car, computer system, etc., typically to steal something

check-in US English

The point at which registration at airport or hotel takes place

drive-in US English

A facility one can visit without leaving one’s car

laugh-in US English

An event, gathering, or situation characterized by laughter, especially one organized for this purpose.

paint-in US English

An organized gathering at which people paint, especially as part of a campaign, protest, etc.

paste-in US English

A correction or illustration printed separately from the main text of a book and pasted to the margin of the relevant page.

phase-in US English

A gradual introduction.

phone-in US English

Another term for call-in.

rough-in US English

The process of installing basic plumbing or wiring prior to full installation of fittings; an instance of this.

sleep-in US English

A form of protest in which the participants sleep overnight in premises that they have occupied

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