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LAC US English

Leading Aircraftman or Leading Aircraftwoman

lac1 US English

A resinous substance secreted as a protective covering by the lac insect, used to make varnish, shellac, sealing wax, dyes, etc.

lac2 US English

Denoting the ability of normal strains of the bacterium E. coli to metabolize lactose, or the genetic factors involved in this ability (which is lost in some mutant strains)

lac3 US English

Variant spelling of lakh.

lakh US English

A hundred thousand

red lac US English

The red secretion of the lac insect, Kerria lacca (in the form of seed-lac, shellac, etc.); a red pigment derived from this.

Lac Léman US English

French name for Lake Geneva (see Geneva, Lake).

lac insect US English

An Asian scale insect that lives on trees and produces secretions that are used in the production of shellac

Fond du Lac US English

An industrial and commercial city in southeastern Wisconsin, on Lake Winnebago; population 42,025 (est. 2008)

BL Lac object US English

A type of remote elliptical galaxy with a very compact starlike nucleus, remarkable for its considerable short-term variations in brightness and radio emissions