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NEAT US English

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (the energy expended during normal daily activity rather than through an exercise program)

neat1 US English

(Of a place or thing) arranged in an orderly, tidy way

neat2 US English

A bovine animal

neat as a pin in pin US English

Extremely neat or clean

neat as a pin US English

Extremely neat or clean

neat's-foot oil US English

Oil obtained by boiling the feet of cattle, used to dress leather

neat US Thesaurus

the bedroom was neat and clean

neat English-Spanish

arreglado, cuidado, prolijo RPl

neat hat, man! in neat English-Spanish

¡que sombrero más fantástico

a neat little car in neat English-Spanish

un cochecito compacto

he's a neat ballplayer in neat English-Spanish

es un jugador buenísimo

she has a neat figure in neat English-Spanish

tiene muy buena figura

she writes a neat/clear hand in hand English-Spanish

tiene buena letra/una letra muy clara

her hair is always very neat in neat English-Spanish

va siempre muy bien peinada

the bottles stand in neat rows in neat English-Spanish

las botellas están colocadas en filas muy ordenadas

he likes to have everything neat and tidy in neat English-Spanish

le gusta tenerlo todo muy arreglado

she drank half a bottle of neat vodka in neat English-Spanish

se bebió media botella de vodka puro

she likes to fit people into neat little categories in neat English-Spanish

le gusta encasillar a la gente de manera simplista