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New England US English

An area on the northeastern coast of the US that consists of the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

New England mayflower US English

Trailing arbutus, Epigaea repens.

New England theology US English

A movement in American Protestantism, based on the writings of Jonathan Edwards (1703–58), Congregational minister, and combining orthodox Calvinist doctrine with a reasoned support for evangelical revivalism.

New England boiled dinner US English

A dish of meat (often corned beef), cabbage or other vegetables, and potatoes, prepared by simmering in water

New England clam chowder US English

A thick chowder made with clams, onions, potatoes, salt pork, and milk or cream

New England aster in aster US English

A plant of the daisy family that has bright rayed flowers, typically of purple or pink