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Niger US English

A river in northwestern Africa that rises on the northeastern border of Sierra Leone and flows northeast and then southeast in a great arc for 2,550 miles (4,100 km) to Mali and through western Niger and Nigeria before turning south into the Gulf of Guinea

Niger–Congo US English

Denoting or belonging to a large phylum of languages in Africa, named after the rivers Niger and Congo. It comprises most of the languages spoken by the indigenous peoples of Africa south of the Sahara and includes the Bantu, Mande, Gur, and Kwa families

Niger–Congo New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

large group of African languages

C. niger in blackfish US English

Any of a number of dark-colored fish, in particular

Melichthys niger in black durgon US English

A black triggerfish that occurs worldwide in tropical seas

Helleborus niger in Christmas rose US English

A small white-flowered winter-blooming hellebore, grown as a houseplant

Hyoscyamus niger in henbane US English

A coarse and poisonous Eurasian plant of the nightshade family, with sticky hairy leaves and an unpleasant smell

Hippotragus niger in sable2 US English

A large African antelope with long curved horns, the male of which has a black coat and the female a russet coat, both having a white belly