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Off. US English


off US English

Away from the place in question; to or at a distance

off US Thesaurus

Kate's off today

on–off US English

(Of a switch) having two positions, “on” and “off.”

on the air US English

Being (or not being) broadcast on radio or television

on camera US English

While being filmed or televised (or not being filmed or televised)

on someone's case US English

Continually (or no longer) criticizing or harassing someone

on the chance US English

Just in case

on duty US English

Engaged (or not engaged) in one’s regular work

have it away US English

Have sexual intercourse

live high on the hog US English

Have a luxurious lifestyle

prick something out US English

Transplant seedlings to a container or bed that provides adequate room for growth

straight away US English


straight out US English

Without hesitation or deliberation

whip something out US English

Write something hurriedly

away with US English

Used in exhortations to take or send someone or something away, in, out, etc.

Off-Off US English

= off-off-Broadway.

be off US English

Go away; leave

Fg Off US English

(In the UK) Flying Officer

go off US English

(Of a gun, bomb, or similar device) explode or fire

in-off US English

The pocketing of the cue ball (a scoring stroke in billiards, a foul in snooker) by bouncing it off another ball

aim-off US English

The action or fact of aiming off in order to hit a target, travel in the desired direction, etc.; the amount by which this is judged to be necessary in a particular instance.

beg off US English

Request to be excused from a question or obligation

bug off US English

Go away

cry off US English

Go back on a promise or fail to keep to an arrangement

day off US English

A day’s vacation from work or school on what would normally be a working day

die-off US English

A period in which a significant proportion of a population dies naturally, usually within a short time

far off US English

Remote in time or space

get off US English

Escape a punishment; be acquitted

kit-off US English

Nude; of, involving, or relating to nudity.

lay off US English

Give up or stop doing something

let-off US English

A chance to escape or avoid something, especially defeat

lie off US English

(Of a ship) stand some distance from shore or from another ship

log off US English

Go through the procedures to conclude use of a computer, database, or system

mid-off US English

A fielding position on the off side near the bowler

nod off US English

Fall asleep, especially briefly or unintentionally

off-air US English

Not being broadcast

off-dry US English

(Of wine) having a nearly dry flavor, with just a trace of sweetness

off-gas US English

A gas that is given off, especially one emitted as the byproduct of a chemical process

off-key US English

(Of music or singing) not having the correct tone or pitch; out of tune

off-put US English

(In pass.). To be put off by something; to be disconcerted, repelled.

one-off US English

Done, made, or happening only once and not repeated

pay off US English

(Of a course of action) yield good results; succeed

put-off US English

An evasive reply

rip-off US English

A fraud or swindle, especially something that is grossly overpriced

row-off US English

A race offering the losers of previous heats a second chance to qualify for the final. Compare earlier to row off at row.

rub off US English

Be transferred by contact or association

set off US English

Begin a journey

set-off US English

An item or amount that is or may be set off against another in the settlement of accounts

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