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Phaeophyceae US English

A class of lower plants that comprises the brown algae

Phaeophyceae in arame US English

An edible Pacific seaweed with broad brown leaves, used in Japanese cooking

Phaeophyceae in badderlocks US English

An edible seaweed with a long greenish frond and prominent midrib, occurring in northern Europe

Phaeophyceae in bladderwrack US English

A common brown shoreline seaweed that has tough straplike fronds containing air bladders that give buoyancy

Phaeophyceae in brown algae US English

Algae belonging to a large group that includes many seaweeds, typically olive brown or greenish in color. They contain xanthophyll in addition to chlorophyll

Phaeophyceae in bull kelp US English

A very large brown seaweed found in Pacific and Antarctic waters, growing up to 165 feet (50 m) in length off the northwestern coasts of North America

Phaeophyceae in fucoid US English

A brown seaweed or fossil plant of a group to which bladderwrack belongs

Phaeophyceae in fucus US English

A seaweed of a large genus of brown algae having flat leathery fronds

Phaeophyceae in kelp US English

A large brown seaweed that typically has a long, tough stalk with a broad frond divided into strips. Some kinds grow to a very large size and form underwater “forests” that support a large population of animals

Phaeophyceae in knotted wrack US English

A dark olive-green seaweed with flat branching fronds which bear air bladders, occurring on rocky seashores

Phaeophyceae in kombu US English

A brown seaweed used in Japanese cooking, especially as a base for stock

Phaeophyceae in oarweed US English

A large brown kelp with a long hard stalk and a large oar-shaped frond divided into ribbonlike strips, growing on rocky shores

Phaeophyceae in Phaeophyceae US English

A class of lower plants that comprises the brown algae

Phaeophyceae in sargassum US English

A brown seaweed with berrylike air bladders, typically forming large floating masses

Phaeophyceae in sugar kelp US English

A large brown seaweed with a long crinkly blade-like frond that grows up to 3 m in length and young stems that are edible

Phaeophyceae in wakame US English

An edible brown seaweed used, typically in dried form, in Chinese and Japanese cooking

Phaeophyceae in wrack2 US English

Any of a number of coarse brown seaweeds that grow on the shoreline, frequently each kind forming a distinct band in relation to high- and low-water marks. Many have air bladders for buoyancy