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RAM US English

Random-access memory

ram US English

An uncastrated male sheep

ram US Thesaurus

he rammed his sword into its sheath

drive something home US English

Make something clearly and fully understood by the use of repeated or forcefully direct arguments

the Ram in ram US English

The zodiacal sign or constellation Aries

force something down someone's throat US English

Force ideas or material on a person’s attention by repeatedly putting them forward

DVD-RAM US English

A blank DVD on which data, including music and movies, can be permanently recorded and read using the DVD-RAM format. A DVD-RAM discs can be recorded over many times, but will only play back in a DVD-RAM drive

ram air US English

Air that is forced to enter a moving aperture, such as the air intake of an aircraft

ram raid US English

A robbery in which a shop window is rammed with a vehicle and looted

ram paddock US English

An enclosure in which rams are kept segregated from the rest of a flock of sheep

battering ram US English

A heavy object swung or rammed against a door to break it down

hydraulic ram US English

An automatic pump in which a large volume of water flows through a valve that it periodically forces shut, the sudden pressure change being used to raise a smaller volume of water to a higher level

DVD-RW US English

A blank DVD that can be recorded, erased, and rerecorded with data many times and read using the DVD-RW format

ramjet US English

A type of jet engine in which the air drawn in for combustion is compressed solely by the forward motion of the aircraft