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SOS US English

An international code signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea

sol1 US English

(In solmization) the fifth note of a major scale

so2 US English

alternate spelling of sol.

so-and-sos in so-and-so US English

A person or thing whose name the speaker does not need to specify or does not know or remember

on someone's say-so in say-so US English

A person’s arbitrary or unauthorized assertion or instruction

SOS English-Spanish


sos Spanish-English

equivalent of 'eres' in Central America and the River Plate area

SOS Spanish-English

SOS, distress call

you so-and-sos! in so-and-so English-Spanish

¡canallas!, ¡sinvergüenzas!, ¡tales para cuales!, ¡tales por cuales!

¿sos vos, Leticia? in vos Spanish-English

is that you, Leticia?

salí, que no sos hijo de vidriero in hijo Spanish-English

get out of the way, you're not invisible, you know

soy/sos el último orejón del tarro in orejón Spanish-English

I'm/you're nobody, I/you don't count for anything