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Tours US English

An industrial city in western central France, on the Loire River; population 140,252 (2006)

tour US English

A journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited

Gregory of Tours, St. US English

(Circa 540–594), Frankish bishop and historian. He was elected bishop of Tours in 573. Feast day, November 17

audio tour US English

A tour of a museum, gallery, or other place of interest, in which a visitor is guided to and informed about exhibits, displays, etc., by recorded audio commentaries, typically by means of an audio guide.

Cook's tour US English

A rapid tour of many places

grand tour US English

A cultural tour of Europe formerly undertaken, especially in the 18th century, by a young man of the upper classes as a part of his education

guided tour US English

A tour of a historic site or place of interest conducted by a guide

road tour US English

A tour or journey made by a musical or theatrical group, a sports team, etc., for the purpose of performing or playing in various different locations.

tiki tour US English

An extensive tour of a place, typically for the purpose of inspecting it

mystery tour US English

A pleasure excursion to an unspecified destination

package tour US English

A vacation organized by a travel agent, with arrangements for transportation, accommodations, etc., made at an inclusive price

reunion tour US English

A tour organized for a group of people having a reunion; (subsequently especially) a concert tour undertaken by a newly reunited rock band, pop group, etc.

walking tour US English

A sightseeing tour made on foot

tours d'horizon in tour d'horizon US English

A broad general survey or summary of an argument or event

tours en l'air in tour en l'air US English

A movement in which a dancer jumps straight upward and completes at least one full revolution in the air before landing

tours de force in tour de force US English

An impressive performance or achievement that has been accomplished or managed with great skill

Tour de France US English

An annual long-distance race for professional cyclists first held in 1903 and taking place primarily on the roads of France over a period of about three weeks. It consists of multiple stages which are separately timed, several of these stages encompassing mountainous terrain in the Alps and the Pyrenees

tours de stade in tour de stade US English

An exercise session in which a person runs up and down every section of steps in a stadium