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Trematoda US English

A class of flatworms that comprises those flukes that are internal parasites. The monogenean flukes are sometimes also placed in this class

Trematoda in digenean US English

A digenean fluke; a trematode

Trematoda in fluke2 US English

A parasitic flatworm that typically has suckers and hooks for attachment to the host. Some species are of veterinary or medical importance

Trematoda in liver fluke US English

A fluke that has a complex life cycle and is of medical and veterinary importance. The adult lives within the liver tissues of a vertebrate, and the larva within one or more secondary hosts such as a snail or fish

Trematoda in monogenean US English

A monogenean fluke

Trematoda in schistosome US English

A parasitic flatworm that needs two hosts to complete its life cycle. The immature form infests freshwater snails, and the adult lives in the blood vessels of birds and mammals, causing bilharzia in humans

Trematoda in trematode US English

Any parasitic flatworm of the class Trematoda, especially a fluke, having hookers or suckers