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Ultra stable oscillator

uso de razón Spanish-English

use of reason

diccionario de uso Spanish-English

dictionary of usage

uso de razón Spanish-English

use of reason

diccionario de uso Spanish-English

dictionary of usage

uso tópico in tópico Spanish-English

for external use only

seguir en uso in uso Spanish-English

to remain in use

de uso externo in uso Spanish-English

for external use only

al uso medieval in uso Spanish-English

in the medieval manner

usó mal esa palabra in usar Spanish-English

he didn't use the word correctly

cambio de uso del suelo in cambio Spanish-English

change of land usein urban planning

usó tres lanas distintas in lana Spanish-English

she used three different wools

champú de uso frecuente in uso Spanish-English

shampoo for frequent use

vocablos cuyo uso es extendido in cuyo Spanish-English

words which are in widespread use

desde que tengo uso de razón in razón Spanish-English

for as long as I can remember

depende del uso que le des in uso Spanish-English

it depends how much you use it

hacer uso y abuso de algo in uso Spanish-English

it's a very effective device but not when it's used to excess

usó todas sus artes para seducirlo in arte Spanish-English

she used (all) her feminine wiles to seduce him

una expresión consagrada por el uso in consagrar Spanish-English

an expression which has established itself

hizo uso ilegítimo de sus privilegios in ilegítimo Spanish-English

he made unlawful use of his privileges

es un uso impropio de la palabra in impropio Spanish-English

it is an incorrect usage of the word

se prohíbe el uso de diccionarios in prohibir Spanish-English

you are not allowed to use dictionaries, the use of dictionaries is forbidden

en pleno uso de sus facultades in pleno Spanish-English

in full possession of his faculties

para uso en caso de emergencia in uso Spanish-English

for use in case of emergency

hizo buen uso de la información in uso Spanish-English

she made good use of the information, she put the information to good use

perdió el uso de la mano derecha in uso Spanish-English

she lost the use of her right hand

una expresión sancionada por el uso in uso Spanish-English

an expression given validity by usage

el uso y disfrute de un bien in uso Spanish-English

the use and enjoyment of an asset

estos zapatos tienen años de uso in uso Spanish-English

I've been wearing these shoes for years, I've had years of wear out of these shoes

no sé qué uso darle a esta tela in uso Spanish-English

I don't know what to use this material for

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