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VISTA US English

Volunteers in Service to America

vista US English

A pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening

Vista US English

A city in southwestern California, north of San Diego; population 91,144 (est. 2008)

vista US Thesaurus

a marvelous vista from the hotel balcony

Boa Vista US English

A town in northern Brazil; population 249,853 (2007)

Buena Vista US English

A village in northern Mexico, in Coahuila state, near Saltillo, where US forces under Zachary Taylor won a major battle against Mexican forces under Santa Anna in February 1847

Chula Vista US English

A city in southwestern California, south of San Diego, near the Mexican border; population 219,318 (est. 2008)

prima vista US English

At first sight, without practice, by sight-reading.

vista dome US English

An observation compartment in the roof of a passenger car on a train

Sierra Vista US English

A city in the southeastern corner of Arizona, just north of the Mexican border; population 43,320 (est. 2008)