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admiralty US English

The rank or office of an admiral

Admiralty in admiralty US English

The department of the British government that once administered the Royal Navy

admiralty law US English

The branch of law historically dealt with by courts of admiralty; (more generally) = maritime law.

Admiralty Board US English

(With capital initials) an administrative board in charge of a country's navy; specifically (British) that in charge of the Royal Navy.

Admiralty brass US English

A kind of brass containing about 69–70 per cent copper, 29–30 per cent zinc, and 1 per cent tin and having increased resistance to corrosion by seawater.

Admiralty court US English

(Also with capital initials) = court of admiralty.

Admiralty metal US English

= Admiralty brass.

Admiralty Islands US English

A group of about 40 islands in the western Pacific, part of Papua New Guinea. In 1884 the islands became a German protectorate, but after 1920 they were administered as an Australian mandate

First Lord of the Admiralty US English

The civilian president of the Board of Admiralty (the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, abolished in 1964).