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advance US English

Move forward, typically in a purposeful way

advance US Thesaurus

the battalion advanced rapidly

in advance US English

Ahead in time

advance man US English

A person who visits a location before the arrival of an important visitor to make the appropriate arrangements

advance agent US English

An agent who is sent on ahead of a main party.

advance copy US English

A copy of a book, magazine, etc., sent out in advance of publication, especially for review.

advance guard US English

A body of soldiers preceding and making preparations for the main body of an army

advance note US English

A document promising future payment to a sailor.

advance party US English

Military a body of troops sent out in advance of the main body of an army.

advance price US English

A price quoted for goods, a commodity, an event, etc., if payment is to be made in advance.

advance account US English

An account in which funds are set aside for future spending or investment.

advance freight US English

Freight for which payment has been made in advance; such a payment.

advance growth US English

New trees that have arisen through natural propagation in advance of a process of tree removal or regeneration.

advance notice US English

A publicity notice sent out in advance.

advance proofs US English

Proofs of a printed work supplied prior to its publication.

advance sheets US English

Parts of a printed work supplied prior to its publication.

in advance of US English

Ahead of in time or space; before

Advance Australia US English

A catchphrase used as a patriotic slogan or motto in Australia

advance directive US English

A written statement of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment, often including a living will, made to ensure those wishes are carried out should the person be unable to communicate them to a doctor

Advance Australia Fair US English

The national anthem of Australia, composed circa 1878 by P. D. McCormick (circa 1834–1916), a Scot, under the pen name ‘Amicus’. It officially replaced ‘God Save the Queen’ in 1984

in advance of in advance US English

Ahead of in time or space; before

in advance in advance US Thesaurus

rental skis and boots can be reserved in advance