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aerial US English

Existing, happening, or operating in the air

aerial ladder US English

A long extension ladder, especially on a fire engine, used to reach high places

aerial perspective US English

The technique of representing more distant objects as fainter and more blue

dish aerial in dish US English

A bowl-shaped radio antenna

subaerial US English

Existing, occurring, or formed in the open air or on the earth’s surface, not underwater or underground

Yagi antenna US English

A highly directional radio antenna made of several short rods mounted across an insulating support and transmitting or receiving a narrow band of frequencies

whip antenna US English

An antenna in the form of a long flexible wire or rod with a connection at one end

UAV US English

An unmanned aerial vehicle (an aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers)

aerial New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

device for transmitting or receiving signals

aerial English-Spanish


aerial photography English-Spanish

fotografía feminine aérea, aerofotografía feminine

dish aerial in dish antenna English-Spanish

antena feminine parabólica

dish US Thesaurus

a china dish

frame aerial in frame English-Spanish

antena feminine de cuadro

aerial bombardment in bombardment English-Spanish

bombardeo masculine (aéreo)