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aerial US English

Existing, happening, or operating in the air

aerial acid US English

A gas in the air which produces an acid when dissolved in water, later identified with carbon dioxide.

aerial root US English

A plant root that grows in the air; especially a root of a climber that clings to its support, or a root of a mangrove that grows upwards to allow respiration.

aerial ladder US English

A long extension ladder, especially on a fire engine, used to reach high places

aerial screw US English

Any of various kinds of propeller devised for the propulsion of heavier-than-air flying machines.

aerial skiing US English

The execution of aerial acrobatic manoeuvres on skis, now especially as a competitive event in freestyle skiing.

frame aerial US English

An aerial consisting of a rectangle or loop of wire.

nitro-aerial US English

Designating or relating to a substance or chemical principle supposedly present in both air and nitre and, according to the theories of John Mayow (1641–79), responsible for processes such as combustion, fermentation, and respiration.

super-aerial US English

Situated or taking place above the air or atmosphere.

aerial ping-pong US English

(In ball games) play involving frequent exchanges of long and high kicks

aerial plankton US English

(A collective term for) those forms of organic life found drifting in the atmosphere, comprising minute insects, spiders, and mites, bacteria and other microscopic organisms, fungal spores, etc.; also called aeroplankton.

aerial perspective US English

The technique of representing more distant objects as fainter and more blue

aerial propeller US English

A propeller on a boat or aircraft which generates thrust by movement of air.

aerial architecture US English

Biology the structure of a plant above ground.

dish aerial in dish US English

A bowl-shaped radio antenna

subaerial US English

Existing, occurring, or formed in the open air or on the earth’s surface, not underwater or underground

whip antenna US English

An antenna in the form of a long flexible wire or rod with a connection at one end

Yagi antenna US English

A highly directional radio antenna made of several short rods mounted across an insulating support and transmitting or receiving a narrow band of frequencies

dish US Thesaurus

a china dish

UAV US English

An unmanned aerial vehicle (an aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers)