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alliance US English

A union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations

alliance US Thesaurus

a defense alliance

Holy Alliance US English

A loose alliance of European powers pledged to uphold the principles of the Christian religion. It was proclaimed at the Congress of Vienna (1814–15) by the emperors of Austria and Russia and the king of Prussia and was joined by most other European monarchs

Triple Alliance US English

A union or association between three powers or states, in particular that made in 1668 between England, the Netherlands, and Sweden against France, and that in 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy against France and Russia

Quadruple Alliance US English

A union or association between four powers or states, notably that formed in 1813 between Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia in order to defeat Napoleon and to maintain the international order established in Europe at the end of the Napoleonic Wars

therapeutic alliance US English

The relationship between a psychologist or psychotherapist and a patient, regarded as important for the outcome of psychological therapy