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ambassador US English

An accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country

ambassador-at-large US English

An ambassador with special duties, not appointed to a particular country

ambassador extraordinary US English

A diplomat sent by one state or monarch on a diplomatic mission to another

ambassador plenipotentiary US English

An ambassador with full powers to sign treaties or otherwise act for the state or monarch

ambassador US Thesaurus

the American ambassador

ambassador English-Spanish


ambassador-at-large English-Spanish

embajador extraordinario,

ambassador extraordinary English-Spanish

embajador extraordinario,

roving ambassador in roving English-Spanish

embajador, -dora masculine, feminine itinerante

the governor/ambassador designate in designate English-Spanish

quien ha sido nombrado gobernador/embajador

he's a bad choice as ambassador in choice English-Spanish

su nombramiento como embajador no es una elección acertada

she came to London as US ambassador in come English-Spanish

vino a Londres como embajadora de los Estados Unidos

this hotel is a cut above the Ambassador in cut English-Spanish

este hotel es de mayor categoría que el Ambassador

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