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area US English

A region or part of a town, a country, or the world

area US Thesaurus

an inner-city area

area code US English

A three-digit number that identifies one of the telephone service regions into which the US, Canada, and certain other countries are divided and that is dialed when calling from one area to another

area dean US English

See dean111.

area rug US English

A rug that covers only a part of a floor in a room

area rule US English

In the design of transonic and supersonic aircraft, the principle that the longitudinal variation of the cross-sectional area of an aircraft should approximate to that of the shape subject to the least drag at the speed in question.

area-wide US English

Of, relating to, or extending over an entire area.

Bay Area US English

The region around San Francisco Bay, in north central California. Oakland is the hub of the East Bay, San Jose of the South Bay

disc area US English

The circular area swept out by a revolving propeller, airscrew, etc.

euro area US English

The member states of the European Union whose currency is the euro

germ area US English

= germinal disc (now rare).

goal area US English

A rectangular area in front of the goal from within which goal kicks must be taken

gray area US English

An ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a category or to an existing set of rules

no-go area US English

An area that is dangerous or impossible to enter or to which entry is restricted or forbidden

pore area US English

A particular region of a surface in which pores are situated.

rest area US English

A roadside area with restrooms and other facilities for the use of motorists

riot area US English

= riot zone.

safe area US English

An area not liable to attack, especially one designated as such by the United Nations

area bishop US English

A bishop with authority over one of the parts of a subdivided diocese, as delegated by the diocesan bishop.

area board US English

An official body with administrative responsibility for an industry or service (e.g. mining, health, education, etc.) in a particular area or region.

area denial US English

The practice of rendering an area too hazardous (usually by the placing of mines or similar devices) for an enemy to occupy or cross it; frequently attributive.

area-ruled US English

(Of a fuselage, aircraft, etc.) designed or constructed in accordance with the area rule.

area shoot US English

An instance of bombing a general area rather than a specific target.

area sneak US English

A petty thief who steals in this way (now rare) (historical in later use).

area study US English

A study of a given geographical location or particular demographic group; (in plural) the branch of knowledge relating to this.

Broca's area US English

A region of the brain concerned with the production of speech, located in the cortex of the dominant frontal lobe. Damage in this area causes Broca’s aphasia, characterized by hesitant and fragmented speech with little grammatical structure

danger area US English

An area in which there is a high risk of harm

dollar area US English

The area of the world in which currency is linked to the US dollar

floor area US English

The extent or measurement of the floor in a room or building

Group Area US English

A residential or other area designated for occupation or use by a particular official ethnic group; usually in plural and attributive, designating legislation providing for such areas and prohibiting occupation or ownership of them by members of any other group; chiefly in Group Areas Act.

growth area US English

A commercial field that is developing rapidly

in-goal area US English

The area between the goal line and the dead-ball line

island area US English

Each of three administrative areas in Scotland (Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles), consisting of groups of islands

motor area US English

A part of the central nervous system concerned with muscular action, especially the motor cortex

native area US English

An area of land set aside for the use of the indigenous population.

picnic area US English

An area, especially in the countryside or beside a road, designated as suitable for picnics, and sometimes provided with tables, etc.

relic area US English

A region noted for the survival of old or archaic language forms.

ablation area US English

The part of a glacier, snowfield, etc., where ablation occurs.

area bombing US English

The bombing of a general area rather than a specific target.

area manager US English

A person who manages a section of a business or organization in a particular area.

assisted area US English

(In the UK) a region receiving government grants or loans for industrial development

disaster area US English

An area in which a major disaster has recently occurred

language area US English

The area of the cerebral cortex thought to be particularly involved in the processing of language

movement area US English

The part of an airport or aerodrome used for take-off, landing, and taxiing.

natural area US English

A geographical area the distinguishing characteristics of which have arisen naturally and without planning.

nursery area US English

An area, usually offering plentiful food, in which the juveniles of a marine species undergo growth and development.

overflow area US English

An area into which something overflows; (Computing) a part of a file or disk to which data is sent when it does not fit in the area to which it has been assigned.

parking area US English

An area set aside for parking vehicles, aircraft, etc.

penalty area US English

The rectangular area marked out in front of each goal, within which a foul by a defender involves the award of a penalty kick and outside which the goalkeeper is not allowed to handle the ball

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